LeadingMajandra Delfino

Transcript of Majandra on Say What Karaoke

Thanks to Josiah for this:

I know this is sort of pointless information, :-) but I figured I’d type up
all Majandra’s judging comments from todays Say What Karaoke, since I know
not many people knew about it. So here you go…

The first contestant was a guy in a very colorful Hawaiian shirt. He did
“Real Slim Shady” by Eminem. Majandra’s comment was…

“Ok, um.. Did a good job, but I’d have to say.. Just another imitation of
Slim Shady, not the real thing.” She gave him a 6.

The second contestant was a sleazy looking girl wearing pants with holes down
the sides. She did “Dance With Me” by Debelah Morgan. Majandra’s comment

“Alright, um, it was definitely original.. And it’s so easy to give a girl
wearing hardly any clothes a good point, so.. There ya go!” She gave her an 8

The third contestant was a guy dresses all in orange who did “Faith” by Limp
Bizkit pretty well. Majandra’s comment on him was…

“Ok, I don’t have like a.. Three part harmony thing, or like a.. Comment on
your cuteness, but I do have a ten..”

She said the thing about the 3 part harmony because 3LW were judges as well
and they did a little song.

In the second round the guy in orange and nearly-clotheless girl came back.

The sleazy girl spun the karaoke wheel of death and got “Wannabe” by the
Spice Girls, which she didn’t really know.. Majandra’s verdict was…

“Ok.. Greg had said that you lacked in energy before, you totally picked that
up, totally energetic. For not liking the Spice Girls, you did a good job.
And you’re still half naked! I give you a nine.”

The guy in orange spun the wheel and got “Rappers Delight” by Def Squad and
did perfectly. Majandra said…

“Ok.. I really think that that was your bag, I have nothing else to say, it
was so obvious so… There you go.” She gave him a 10 again, so he won.