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Im not sure if you put this up before or anything but Jason Behr is in the
magazing “hot presents 50 hottest guys for 2001”. There are 2 fab pics of him
and there a little thing saying his B-day and stuff.

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Dear Marilyn: What can you tell me about cutie Jason Behr from Roswell? Is he single?
Nicky, Los Angeles

Dear Nicky: Behr is single, but beyond that…well, he says he’d rather keep his private life private. He’s aware that fans want to know who he might be dating but says, “I feel I need to keep something for myself.” The Roswell star is close to his series troupe and to his family–most of whom have moved to L.A. to be close to him.

Behr moved here from Minneapolis–where he started performing at age five–right after high school to pursue acting. And much as he likes his privacy, he doesn’t mind telling us that two of his passions are music and sports.

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I havent seen this reported yet at crashdown so
i thought that i would let you know just in case
you didnt already. Jason Behr is in the new
Movieline Magazine with Johnny Depp on the cover.
He appears in about 5 full page pics with this
other actress from the West Wing. Its a thing
about rising actors or something.

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Hey I found this on the,

— Beyond, MN
Hi! Sorry if I’m buggin’ you guys, but I have a question. Do you have a “My Room” for Blaine? If you don’t, I think you should! Also, I have a confession to make! I have a crush on Jason Behr. He’s an actor on a show called “Roswell” on the WB. I think he’s soooo cute!!! I’ve never told anyone this before! Well, thanks!
Editor’s reply: Yes, Blaine has a room coming out! It’s going to be really cool and come with all the things a DJ needs to make his own music mix. Look for it this spring. P.S. Jason’s a hottie, so it’s no wonder you have a crush on him!

Notice the Jason Behr comment.


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Julie Benz (Miss Topolsky) is on the cover of Beverly Hills [213], dated March 14, 2001.
The issue features In Store Women’s Spring Fashions and the cover photo caption reads Julie Benz Wears Gucci.

Inside there are four more color pics of Julie wear fashions from Christion Dior, Chanel, Gianfranco Ferre & Salvatore Ferragamo, all stores located on Rodeo Drive.

Julie Benz, who stars in the upcoming feature film The Brothers, originally planned to become a surgeon, like her father. Something stopped her, though. She saw an actual operation.
The world of acting is the richer for it.
Benz, who stars in the WB series Angel, and had a well-reviewed turn in the feature film As Good as It Gets, has a big role in The Brothers, and had a lot of fun on the set.
“I play a character named Jessie,” she says. Bill Bellamy’s character decides that he wants to go out with a white woman because he thinks white women will be different, but it turns out we’re universally the same, and he’s the one with the problem relating to women.
“It was a great shoot. The first day was very nerve-wracking, though. I was in a bra and panties and had to hop into bed with Bill, after just meeting him. But he was very warm and funny. The people on the set had to keep telling me not to laugh, because Bill was making me laugh in the middle of takes.”
Julie, a Pittsburgh native, competed as an ice skater as a young woman. She was once ranked 13th in the U.S. But an audition for a local community theater set her on the path toward an acting career, and she wouldn’t have things any different.
“I really can’t do anything else,” she says. “All I can really do is act. As a child I had a very active fantasy life. I had stories and characters and people in my head, and every week, I wanted to do something different: a nurse, the President of the United States, a high-powered attorney, a princess. And the only profession where I could be all those things was acting. It’s a great job, and it keeps you growing. As an actor you have to be a detective of people, and that’s where the fascination lies.”

Too bad there’s no ROSWELL mention…that’s where I’ll always remember her from…still, she looks great!


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In hair styles for the month of Feb/March there is two pictures of majandra
Delfino, Thought you might want to know. And in acouple of past Cosmo’s i
have seen some pic of Katherine and Shiri.


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this morning (3-14) i was listening to my radio and diane farr came on for a little
interview cuz she was in boston for a premiere of sorts. The radio station
was KISS108 107.9 Boston


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I found this article with some news in it about
Brendan. I’m not sure if someone else already sent in the news.
Basically it says how he will be hosting a bit on MuchMusic’s SnoJob 2001.
This is for all Canadians and some Americans who get Much USA.

Brendan Article


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Katherine Heigl

The insatiable Katherine Heigl talks about facing her fears in The WB Questionnaire. Roswell returns in April.

Roswell’s Katherine Heigl has acted in Hollywood for almost ten years. She thought she saw it all until she answered The WB Questionnaire.

What word best describes you?

What aspect of your character would you like to have?
Her ability to take control of a situation.