Fun Poll Developed By Older Roswell BelieverS – ORBS

Thanks to Gary for this :)

During the previous hiatus the ORBS – Older Roswell BelieverS on the Ros 1 board put together a fun poll of various Roswell categories submitted by the ORBS members. Nominations were then submitted to include scenes up through the ARCC episode.

We voted privately and held our own ORBIE AWARDS in February. Just like the Academy Awards, with a Master of Ceremonies and presenters from the UK all the way to Australia. It was quite a show with all the “virtual” stars of Roswell in appearance. It truly has been the highlight of all the ORBS 150 threads and counting.

Categories include:

Best Villain
Dastardly Duo
Love The Do (best hairdo)
Great Ride (best vehicle)
Hottest Kiss
Best Plot Twist
Best Use Of Special Effects
ROTFLMAO Scene (funniest scene)
Top Ten One Liners
Heebie Jeebie Fit
Scene That Made You Go EEEWWWW!
That’s NOT Right ( bloopers and lack of continuity)
Best Unconventional Couple
Best Conventional Couple
Best Emotional Outburst
Worst Liar
Best Vision/Flash
Best Friends
That Outfit Rocked
They Made Me Wear This
Favorite Episode
Hey! You were on Roswell (fav extra)
Most Memorable Moment
Best Combo (scifi/relationships)
Most Cinematic
Look Is Worth A 1000 Words
Sidekick (minor character steals the scene)
Best Musically Enhanced Scene
Must Have Roswell Album (heard the song on Roswell and had to have it)
Favorite Episode Of Barbie Roswell Theater
Wildest Theories
We’re On Strike Until…(Plot twists we didn’t like)
Best Fan Website

At this time we have changed the polls to public viewing for your entertainment.

There are 4 separate polls on two fan websites, two on one by LateRoswellian and two on another by Closet Dreamer.

Here are the links to the sites.

Polls 1 & 2

Polls 3 & 4

So start voting and enjoy a little respite during the next few days of the hiatus. :-)