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A few leftovers from The Strong Box.


TV Guide Online indicates that “Roswell” returns to its old WB timeslot with new installments on April 16, and also that the first new show to air will be the big prom episode, 2.17, titled “Heart of Mine.”

If TV Guide got it right, it looks like the continuity-heavy sci-fi series will skip airing 2.16 (titled “Off The Menu”) which explains, among other things, why Liz goes on a date with Maria’s cousin Sean in 2.17.

UPDATE: Oops, it looks like TV Guide Online may indeed have it wrong — at least in its listings. If you click for details of the April 16 episode in the listings (at least for Los Angeles’ KTLA), you get this:

Heart of Mine (60 min.) Max and Liz agree to go to the prom together as friends, while Michael tells Maria that the festive event is “totally bogus.” Isabel considers asking Alex to the dance and Kyle sets his sights on taking Tess. Sean: Devon Gummersall. Amy: Diane Farr. Max: Jason Behr. Liz: Shiri Appleby. Michael: Brendan Fehr.

But if you click on TV Guide Online’s “Roswell show page,” and scroll down to “Upcoming Episodes” you get this:

Apr 16: Off the Menu: An electrical shock knocks out power throughout Roswell and causes Brody to recall his alien abductions. The frantic man then takes Max, Tess, Maria and her family hostage at the UFO Center. Michael and Isabel come looking for Max…and stumble into the crisis.

UPDATE II: An insider offers this:

Well, actually [2.16] is not lost. It’s being moved to just before the finale (yes, between “Baby it’s You” and “Departures”). Yes, all logic has seemingly been tossed out the window. Anyhow, you can get anybody with credentials to the WB media site to confirm the move of 2.16 to just before the finale. The memo went out on April 2nd (and many thought it was a joke a day late).

There were rumors floating around the set on the last few days of filming that some serious re-editing was going to be done to multiple already finished episodes. I’m not sure how this could be saved in editing continuity wise, but who knows. They also did quite a few cleanup shots on earlier episodes before filming wrapped. No clue on content except that one of the scenes was another Maria with a blackboard explanation.