Second Casuality Of “Roswell Survivor”

Due to the server just erasing my entire post, I’m going to do a brief opening-if you’re really interested in the breakdown of all the votes that were cast, I’ll send it to you.The list of the remaining survivors are at the bottom of this post

Well…it’s been six days and now it’s time for another one of the sixteen “Roswell” campers to leave camp and head back to civilization.

The second victim voted out of the camping trip, by the visitors of this site, by a large majority (and the votes were all cast before last night’s episode) is..


Tess walked away with 22 votes cast against her to Rath’s 9.

Here’s some of the responses to why people voted the way they did.. (I’m withholding names to make it more fair for everyone reading this and wanting to participate)

“I vote Tess off because every time she gets bit by a bug she asks Max,
“What do I do now?” ”

Rath gets the boot.

After throwing empty cans of Chef Boy-R-De out the back of the tent with
empty bottles of tobasco sauce, the other campers had enough. So it was
decided to let Rath go camp in the City Dump instead of the with them.”

“I vote Nicholas off for several resaons.
1. the whole wanting to kill max, Isabel, Micheal, and
Tess thing.
2.He keeps coming on to Isabel even though Lonnie
wants him(he’s just doing to tick Alex off. Last night
they got in a fight over the last marshmellow but it
was really about Isabel)
3.He dared Sean to steal Lonnie’s,Liz’s, Tess’s and
Ava’s delicates.
4.Plus he whines like a little girl.
Ex: it’s too cold, the tent smells, I don’t like this
food, there are too many trees, and so on.
6.He put bird poo in the gang’s dinner.
5.He should also before Alex, Micheal, Rath, Tess, Liz
(everyone ties him up and throws him in a river or something.)”

“I think Amy Deluca she be voted off because she keeps sneaking into Valenti’s tent in the wee hours of the night, and believe me that some we DON’T want to hear.”

“Amy Deluca must be voted out of the camp. She keeps making alien antennas out of leafs and twigs. Every time Maria and Michael sneak in a passionate kiss she runs over and whacks Michael on the time. The lady has got to go!”

“Coming off of the loss of Sean, and his shocking panty stealage, the
Roswellians decided that they needed to regroup. Max Evans, being holy
king leader and all, assigned each group member to a daily task.
Maria, Isabel and Michael: Water
Tess, Kyle, and Alex: Campfire
Liz, and Max: Food
Valenti, Brody, and Amy: Shelter
Rath, Lonnie, Nicholas, and Ava: Stay as far away from the campsite as
Coming back from “Food Gathering” Max and Liz went to see how the
campfire was coming along. When they got there they were surprised to
find Tess alone with two charred objects, and an unlit pile of wood.
Max: “Tess, What happened?”
Tess: “Kyle, Alex and I attempted to start a fire.”
Max: “ Uh huh?”
Tess: “We were having massive amounts of difficulty, so I tried
Liz: “And what was that?”
Tess: “Well, I thought if I made the wood see fire, you know,… it
would light.”
Liz: “Tess, can wood see?”
Tess: “No, but apparently Alex and Kyle can.” Tess said as she pointed
to the two charred objects in front of her.
Max: “Ahhhhhh.”, Max screamed as he ran to Kyle and Alex.
Tess: ”What do we do now Max?”
Max: “We do nothing, I heal these two and you leave, your presence has
become detrimental to the group.
Tess: “But Max”
Max: “No!, you must go now.”
Kyle and Alex survived their horrible ordeal, unfortunately though
neither one of them have been able to grow their eyebrows back.”

“I’d like to vote for Max, because he is two faced.

Max is treating this like a soap opera. He’s running around telling Liz about how much he loves her and then kissing Tess. Oh please, this isn’t Temptation Island for crying out loud. This is a survival contest. And don’t think that we haven’t been able to see the way he looks at Maria in those little short skirts she wanders around in. (Not that those are practical on an island) And don’t think we haven’t seen the way he glances at Ava and Lonnie. I’m surprised he hasn’t gone after Isabel, good thing he’s her sister. I’m just glad there are more guys on the island than there are girls. Max is a player, big time, and none of our Roswell ladies should waste our time with a Rob Roy.”

“I want to vote off Tess. A reason? Does any sane person need a reason to vote off Tess? Well, after kicking Sean off, the group’s peaceful dynamic was restored. Of course, that made things way too simple! So, as the hours passed, Tess’ real personality began to yet again creep out. After spending four hours following poor Max with cries of “But its our destiny!”, our favorite hussy sat on a rock to pout. Alas, her short attention span quickly resulted in severe trauma for the rest of the gang. A bored Tess decided to do what she did best: play with people’s minds! But it took our Roswellian friends a bit long to discover her trick (although seeing Amy DeLuca and Michael making out would have clued me in!). Dear Tess had made an illusion of Liz being taken into the woods by howler monkeys, Max becoming her slave, and herself “trimming” Kyle’s lamp before Ava realized what was going on. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the group to decide to send Tess to a fate worse than death- being sent back to Roswell with only SEAN for companionship!”

“We’ve gotta get rid of Michael! Maria won’t be able to truely have fun until this brooding guy is gone. Besides… after he’s gone, she’ll be able to share a tent with Alex :)”

“Through out another tough week of surviver, many of
the humans are letting their weaknessess show. But
it’s not the physical part that challenges them, it’s
the fact that someone continues to keep mugging the
poor aliens. Of course Amy automatically asumed the
wierd “Michael Lookalike” Rath, but Maria quickly
figured out that all of the women were being mugged,
one by one. Liz started assuming Tess do to the fact
Max was starting to get cozy with her next to the
fire, but Kyle let them know what Tess had been with
him. That left Isabel and Lonnie. Max quickly ruled
out Isabel because they had gone on a nature hike
together. Maria finally drew the star when Lonnie
tried to mug her, but Maria quickly stopped it and
informed the Sheriff, who was currently in a
compremising position with Amy.

So do to the findings of the recent Attacks, Lonnie is
booted off the island to prevent any “caused” harms
among the group!”

“Day Three saw Sean Deluca leave. The only one sad about this seems to be
Amy, although she did tell me she was a little relieved. There had been
a lot off mayhem and disruptions caused by Sean – the panty raid, the
food stealing, the peeping Tom thing…

Waking up on day four, everyone assumed it was going to be great seeing
as Sean was gone. Little did they realise, trouble was brewing. The camp
has been splintered into three groups. The Royal Four and Maria, Liz and
Alex, Nicholas and the dupes (Ava being VERY reluctant about being in
this group, but after a glare from Lonnie, she backed down), and the
final group, Jim, Amy, Kyle and Brody.

That evening, while everyone was around the campsite, Liz again felt
eyes her way. She and Max had gotten closer since the camp trip and were
now hugging. She looked up and saw Tess staring angrily at them. Tess
had been doing the sad puppy eye thing, the staring jealousy thing now
for a couple of days. Jealous much? Liz thought, ignoring Tess. However,
Tess did not relent, she kept staring, making Liz uncomfortable.

Tess told me later that Liz was completely paranoid. She wasn’t jealous
at all. It wasn’t anything to do with Max or Liz being together.
Apparently, Max and Kyle had another altercation during the pantie
fiasco, when Max saw Kyle being “overly friendly” with Liz. Kyle told
Max it was all in his head. He was just being friendly, no strings
attached. He was no longer interested in Liz, hasn’t been so for a long
time. Max didn’t believe him, remembering how he found Liz and Kyle in
bed together that one time… So, Kyle, trying to keep his temper in
check, cause the Buddha wouldn’t be too impressed if he got violent over
the matter, decided to go and talk to someone about it. That someone was
his favourite martian, Tess. Ever since, there’s been tension between
the two resulting in Kyle leaving the group and joining the adult’s

When Kyle started trying to persuade her to come over the his ‘group’,
Tess was a little hesitant. The Royal Four had to stick together, right?
But then again, Kyle and Jim were now her family. Which alliance was
more important? Earlier that day, Max got jealous again, and Kyle got
the brunt of his anger, another snide remark about him being
untrustworthy and such. So, that night, while Tess was staring angrily
at *MAX* for hurting her Buddha-boy, she realised what she had to do.
She had to change alliance and be with Kyle and the Sheriff.

“Would you stop it!” Liz screams at Tess. “Just get over it, Max doesn’t
want to follow his destiny!”

“What?” Tess replies. “I don’t give a damn about destiny. I haven’t
since last summer. YOU’RE the one who keeps harping at it Liz. Max wants
you, you run away. He tells you he doesn’t care about destiny and you go
off pretending to sleep with Kyle! You get over it! I don’t want Max.”

“WHAT?!?” Max yells, joining in the argument. “What do you mean they
didn’t sleep together? How d you know? Why didn’t you say anything,
Tess? Why did you do it Liz?”

“Hey, what Buddha-boy tells me, I keep to myself. I don’t blabber
secrets to everyone. Anyway, Kyle said not to tell. Liz said not to.”

“Max, I…I…I didn’t…” She doesn’t finish and runs off, leaving Max
and Tess and the whole campsite in her wake. Tess and Max look around
and realise that the have an audience. Ooops. Not the best time to air
out dirty laundry.

Later, Tess tells Max that she’s going to leave and join Kyle’s group.
She hopes he understands. Meanwhile, Liz isn’t talking to anyone, not
even Maria who went to comfort her best friend.

Liz tells me that she needs time to think. She needs to go home.

Poor confused kid. So, my vote is for Liz to leave the campsite”

“Lonnie –
The past few days have been rough ones. Lonnie senses tension between
Tess/Liz/ and Max. She is trying to jump on that. Every chance she gets
she makes comments in front of Liz. Maria has about had it. Tess of
course is playing the field looking for an alliance. There seems to be a
very fragil one between the Podsters and a couple of humans BUT Tess
doesn’t feel secure there so she is also looking towards the dupes for
Tess seems to be aggrevating the situation between Lonnie and Liz. Just
last night down by the fire Tess told Lonnie (with Liz in eye shot) that
Liz could not be trusted – since she betrrayed the one person here who
trusted her most. Liz took off most of the night and then the dupes were
nore then happy to point out that she was not pulling her weight that
Everyone is getting tired, hungry and at night it is cold. Tempers are
running high and Lonnie seems to be the one who could give that
temperary relief.”

“Nicholas has to go. Mr. High and Mighty “I represent Kivar here on Earth” is simply not pulling his weight. He won’t help maintain the camp, or gather food. And he can’t help light the fire because he is too young to play with matches. Yesterday morning, he finally volunteered to make the coffee. Unfortunately, he flaked skin into the coffee pot. When poor Maria saw what was floating in her cup, she actually threw up. Also, ever since Lonnie and Rath found the peephole he cut in their tent, there has been a big increase in tension around the camp. He has Isabel so freaked she walks 2-3 miles into the woods to find a place to use the bathroom just in case he’s watching.”

“I think this week Amy De Luca needs to be voted off.
I like her and all, but she and Sheriff Valenti can’t
be sucking face all the time. C’mon, we don’t want to
see any of that. Plus, she’s not very loyal. I hear
she’s been seen in the company of another cop, one who
bears a suspicious resemblance to Denis Leary. Sorry,
Amy. You need to bounce.”

“Tess had been very helpful in the camp, as she has such cool powers she
could chop firewood and make food in a few seconds, but everyone got a bit
pissed off at her when she started preaching her “alien destiny” crap.
later on that night, max had time to think about the whole situation and he
decided that all the beautiful speeches he’d told liz weren’t suddenly all
bullshit and that no one was going to change his hybrid hearts destiny, even
his alien mother’s hologram, (or an alien picture book).
so he pashionatly kissed liz by the fire, under the stars and he had
powerful flashes of what really happened with kyle and liz and how she was
visited by the future max.
he totally understood everything and why liz had lied to him and they went
back to thier tent for some alien love, while tess decided it wasn’t worth
it and headed back home to roswell.
then kyle figured he could get some easy alien nooky and ran after her, only
to find that tess and him had a special conection that could never be broken
and they moved to new zealand to live thier life long dream… breed a
sheep farm in new zealand.:)
so no one has to be voted off but if it was up to my opinion tess would be
first to go.”

“My vote is for Tess. The girl just doesn’t have the necessary
survivor skills (or common sense). She’s been trying to show off to
Max how wonderful she is, but it has become clear the woods are not a
good venue for her attempts.

First she tried to make him breakfast and deliver it to his tent early
one morning. The whole breakfast in bed thing, cute in theory.
Unfortunately she forgot that Michael was also in the tent with Max.
Stepping on him a few times while trying to enter the tent was
annoying, but then she tripped spilling the whole plate of food right
on Michael and his sleeping bag and then landing on top of the spilled
mess and Michael. Michael and Tess had a huge fight about it when she
refused to clean his sleeping bag, waking up the entire camp (many of
whom are not morning people). Tess then threw a hissy fit about being
a queen and that being the work of servants, like Liz or Alex. You
can imagine how well that went over. Hurricane Deluca then got
involved in defending her friends’ honor and well, the rest of this
story is probably not suitable for all ages. Suffice it to say that
in the end Tess cleaned the sleeping bag.

Her next attempt at showing off her charms to Max happened later that
evening when the group was gathered around the campfire toasting
marshmallows and telling stories. Tess, incensed at seeing Max and
Liz sitting close together talking quietly, decided this would be the
perfect time to start telling stories about her past on Antar,
specifically her relationship with Max. Much to the protests of many,
she launched into a long involved story about their courtship (vaguely
couched in terms of a fairy tale to prevent those unaware of the aliens
from catching on), midway through, Ava interrupted her to ask what the
bleep she was talking about as she had heard a very different version
of the story. Things got tense as they argued as all those who knew
about the aliens got very worried that they would let something slip.

In the midsts of their arguing, Tess’ marshmallow drifted further
into the fire and burst into flames. This would have been uneventful
except that she started waving her arms around dramaticly trying to
make a point and set Rath’s hair on fire. At Rath’s shocked yelp,
Tess turned around quickly and the flaming marshmallow flew off the
stick and went flying across the fire to hit Amy’s arm. Luckily it
was a glancing blow and Amy was only mildly burned, but the damage was
already done and Tess was told to sit down and stop causing trouble by
just about everybody.

The final straw came the next night when a little tent hopping caused
some unexpected results. Alex had a spare space (and extra dry
sleeping bag) since Sean left, so Michael had decided to move over
there to avoid any further hassles with Tess. This gave Tess the idea
to crawl into Max’s tent at night and lavish him with her affections.
While it probably wouldn’t have worked out very well for her, we’ll
never know since Kyle decided to move over to the empty space with Max
to give his father and Amy some privacy (or more accurately, not have
to see what they were doing in the tent when they thought he was off
fishing). So, Kyle was in Max’s tent trying to sleep while Max had
been dragged off by Brody to go look at some strange lights he saw in
the sky.

When Tess arrived, rather scantily clad, and crawled in the tent, Kyle
thought all his fantasies had come true. At least until Tess figured
out who was in the tent and started screaming bloody murder in her
surprise. This, of course, woke up the whole camp and brought Brody
and Max back from the clearing where they were arguing about weather
balloons. Tess had a hard time explaining why she was screaming and
unhappy when she was the one who snuck into Kyle and Max’s tent. She
tried to explain, but just got herself into even more trouble with Jim
and the others as her plot became apparent. She tried to insinuate
that Max was expecting her, but it was completely unbelievable because
Max wasn’t even there when she arrived. All she wound up getting for
her troubles was a bad reputation for causing trouble and a long
awkward lecture about sex and responsibility from Jim and Amy.”

“I think Brody should be voted off for blowing up when he realized there was no pepperjack cheese for his sandwiches, causing him to search Michael’s tent for remnants of anything from the Crashdown. :)”

“In this round I would have to vote out Rath. First of all, he doesn’t
do anything except make out with Lonnie and argue with Michael over who
has the better hair. Then yesterday he got pissed off when he saw Lonnie
making out with everyone’s favorite lil’ evil alien Nicholas. To get
back at her, he tried to make out with Maria to no avail. She told Michael
and of course he was kicking Rath’s ass until Max and Valenti restrained
him. That restraint washed away when they discoverd Rath tried his mojo
on Liz and Amy. This type of infighting has got to go. Which means Rath
has to go. I’m sorry Rath, but you have to take your wannabe punk ass
and leave the woods.”

“Amy DeLuca should be voted off because Michael cannot handle anymore
beatings from the camping equipment that she handles. He wakes up to her
screeching and screaming what a “mangy dog” he is. His relationship with
Maria will not last if every time they are seen together after hours, Amy
pitches a fit.”

I couldn’t post all the reasons sent in so I had to pick and choose. Now that you saw how the first round went, time for the next victim to be decided upon. You have until Thursday afternoon to send in your second round votes and I will announce the next victim Thursday night (PST of course ;) )

Here’s the rules:

I’m looking for the most interesting reasons why you are voting a person out of the camping trip and I will publish the best responses (even if they aren’t for the person who received the most votes) along with the latest casuality.

To place your vote, send an email to with your vote and if you can (but it’s optional) a reason why you’re voting for that person.

The players still left in the game are: Amy DeLuca, Brody, Ava, Alex Whitman, Isabel Evans, Jim and Kyle Valenti, Liz Parker, Lonnie, Maria DeLuca, Max Evans, Michael Guerin, Nicholas and Rath.

The game will continue through the week of May 21, 2001.