OKEJ: Roswell Article

Thanks to Monia for this :)

This is an article I found in the swedish magazine OKEJ.

They’re gorgeus, they’re young and a few of them don’t even come from earth. The TV-show Roswell is about a little american comunity there a UFO once crashed. Now it’s up to the teenagers in town to help they’re alien friends.
Jason Behr plays the handsome alien Max, but we could also see him in Dawson’s Creek were he played Chris. “I do miss Dawson’s Creek, but I like Roswell better” says Jason. “My character Max has the same problems as any teenager even though he is an alien”
Brendan Fehr plays Michael, also an alien, but to the others worry, more of a rebell. Brendan has done small roles in movies such as Final Destination and Disturbing Behavior. “That Roswell is popular is easy to see by all the fan mail I get” Brendan says “But during the first season a girl wrote to me that *I know you get lots of fan mail, but can’t you read mine anyways*. The truth is that was the first letter I ever got!”
Katherine Heigl plays the third alien in Roswell, Isabel. Right now she’s in the movies with the horror flick Valentine, were she plays against David Boreanaz from Buffy the vampire slayer. “I play a girl that actually is like every single teenage girl” says Katherine “With the exception that I’m an alien of course”
Shiri Appleby plays Liz, the girl that loves Max but never really gets it right with him. “But beside the cameras my best friend is Majandra (Delfino, that plays Maria)” Shiri tells “We’re super friends. One night we wen’t out to eat, but spent the whole night at the toalet gossiping about the other actors in Roswell”
Colin Hanks is Alex, the shows mean guy that gets nicer with time (don’t ask me what they mean with that! my comment) “I know how it is to live in a small town like Roswell, where everyone knows exactly who you are or what you do, just that makes you feel strange!”
Majandra Delfino is the sweet and cocky waitress Maria. “We are actually are alot alike, I should of course say that we are different, so everyone would understand what a great actress I am, but the truth is I’m almost playing myself”