Poll: Hottie Catfights Roswell vs. Dawson Creek

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From Hottie Bottie:

Note: I say this posted at the WB and I had to share. The site just cracked me up!

In this week’s Hottie Catfight … “You asked for it” and this week we’ve got it as Hotties Katie Holmes (Creek Princess) & Michell Williams (Double Trouble), aka. ‘The Dawson Gals’ team up to do battle against Katherine Heigl (Butt Buster) & Majandra Delfino (Cream Puff), aka, ‘The Roswell Gals,’ in “The Dawson/Roswell Scuffle.” In reality, Hottie Bottie would lay it’s meager funds on “Butt Buster” Heigl to whip not only the opposing team of Holmes and Williams, but also her partner Delfino, in a survivor process, if necessary. However in addressing this week’s Hottie Bottie Catfight, Holmes’ & Williams’ biggest problem will be how to handle Heigl’s weight, height & experience advantage. Heigl has previously trained somewhat with her uncle, and martial arts protagonist, Stephen Segal. All Catfighter combatants here are within 2 1/2 years of age. Now there’s an undetermined underlying toughness factor within Williams that could surface in this catfight and surprise many viewers & voters. Williams, we believe, will be the one that reaches deep and determines the outcome of this catfight. Katie Holmes & Majandra Delfino as lovely and talented as they both are, in Hottie Bottie’s opinion, would probably break even in a pillow fight with a slight edge going to Holmes … Hottie Bottie, once again goes out on a limb, and predicts a surprise upset victory with ‘The Dawson Gals’ team of Holmes and Williams, the winners over ‘The Roswell Gals’ team of Heigl & Delfino, courtesy of Williams. Hottie Bottie also believes that both Holmes & Delfino will be physically challenged here …… Odsmakers have this catfight pegged at 7-5 in favor of Heigl & Delfino ………. Hottie Bottie sees this catfight 7-5 in favor of Holmes & Williams ……… Hottie Bottie is currently 4-2-1 in our predictions. Let’s get to it …. It’s time to rumble …… ‘The Dawson Gals’ — versus — ‘The Roswell Gals’

All Catfights end exactly On Wednesdays at 12:01 am ET US!
Whoever is leading, “exactly” at that time is the winner!
Next Catfight begins Wednesday May 23rd, 2001 a.s.a.p. PM ET US

Also: http://www.hottiebottie.com/archives/boobtube/tube.html To vote for Roswell