Reuters: Mention Of Roswell Ratings

Thanks to Beth for this :)

Thought this might interest fellow Roswellians….

In a Reuter’s article titled “Nielsen spies first chink in NBC’s “Link”” by
Rick Kissell, there is mention of “Roswell’s” performance. Here is an
excerpt from the article:

“Raymond’s” dip coincided with the best demo performances in the 9 p.m. hour
in months for shows on three competing networks: ABC’s movie, NBC’s
“Dateline” and the WB’s “Roswell.” The latter show, which, according to
some reports, is not expected to return to the WB next fall, retained a
best-ever 100% of its “7th Heaven” lead-in among women 18-34 (3.0/8), while
delivering its best scores among young females since November.

I don’t know about you guys, but last time I checked, this was a key
demographic group for The WB network. I am copying TPTB on this in case
they missed it this morning!!