Various News Sources on ‘Roswell’s’ Move

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WB Castoff Roswell Lands at UPN, the New Home of Buffy
The refugees join new Star Trek spin-off Enterprise and One on One — another single-dad sitcom — on UPN’s 2001-02 schedule.
by Warren Cohen

Thursday, May 17 12:21 P.M.

Why not just rename the network WBUPN?

In its 2001-02 prime-time schedule unveiled Thursday, UPN has snatched not only Buffy The Vampire Slayer but also Roswell, the show about aliens and teen alienation, which the WB did not renew. UPN will air the WB’s castoffs back-to-back on Tuesday nights starting at 8 p.m. ”Anytime someone gives us fabulous programs with connections to an audience, we’re happy to take it,” said Dean Valentine, president and CEO of UPN. Valentine said UPN was committed to running Buffy until the series ended.

Other than the WB heists, the UPN introduced only two new programs. Enterprise is the fifth installment in the seemingly endless Star Trek series. The new iteration occurs early in the 22nd century, 150 years before Captain Kirk ever used his phaser. So the props, uniforms and controls more closely resemble objects from contemporary life than a futuristic one. Enterprise airs at 8 p.m. Wednesday, followed by Special Unit 2, a show about cops fighting monsters, which moves back an hour to 9 p.m.

On Monday, the network will introduce its only new comedy, One on One, about a single dad raising a 15-year-old daughter. It replaces Moesha, which is ending its run after six seasons. The lineup begins at 8 p.m. with The Hughleys, followed by One on One, The Parkers and Girlfriends.

On Thursdays at 8 p.m., WWF Smackdown! returns, and Friday’s movie is also staying put.

With the addition of Buffy and Roswell, UPN hopes its new roster will lure more female viewers to the network, which has become known for its male-friendly wrestling and Trekkie programs. ”We have to attract younger women to the network, which is critical to our future,” said Valentine. ”It will change, deepen and widen the advertising base that can be on UPN.”

The network also picked up three midseason series. Stephen King’s The Dead Zone features former child star Anthony Michael Hall as a person who can see both the future and the past. Rebuild Your Life is a family-targeted reality show. In a setup reminiscent of Swiss Family Robinson, two families travel to an island in Fiji where they have a limited time to construct a fantasy house (but with the help of architects and construction workers). The winning clan gets money to build their own dream house in the States, but according to the show’s description, ”if they so choose they may remain indefinitely on the island.” The series is from Big Brother and Chains of Love producer Endemol. The third series, Manhunt, in which 13 contestants try to elude paintball-gun-packing hunters, is produced by the WWF’s Vince McMahon. •


UPN’s Fall Slate: Déjà-WB

Exciting things are afoot at the WB, er, UPN.

Darn it. It’s just so hard to tell these days, what with UPN announcing Thursday that WB exile Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be joined on its fall schedule by none other than Roswell–the teen sci-fi drama that was canned by the Frog network earlier this week. Together, the shows will make for a ribbeting Tuesday night, with Buffy airing at 8 p.m. and Roswell following at 9 p.m.

And as expected, the network picked up Star Trek’s latest spinoff, Enterprise, starring Scott Bakula. Like Star Trek: Voyager before it, Enterprise will run on Wednesday nights, but in the 8 p.m. time slot, switching places with the returning Special Unit 2.

A brief look at UPN’s new series:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Some show about a girl who fights vampires? Sounds a bit wacky. We’re not sure if this one will find a loyal following–especially on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Good luck, UPN!

Roswell: About aliens who drink Tabasco sauce. See above.

Also coming to UPN is Iron Chef Showdown in Las Vegas, two one-hour specials based on the Food Network’s popular Japanese show, this time hosted by William Shatner. The erstwhile Captain Kirk-turned-Priceline pitchman will preside over the competition, in which top international chefs “race against the clock to create outstanding original cuisine.”

Or, as Shatner would say, “Bust a move!”

The following is a night-by-night look at the network’s fall schedule:

MONDAY: The Hughleys; One on One; The Parkers; Girlfriends

TUESDAY: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Roswell

WEDNESDAY: Enterprise; Special Unit 2

THURSDAY: WWF Smackdown!

FRIDAY: UPN Movie Friday

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UPDATE 1-UPN targets females with WB acquisitions

By Paula Bernstein

NEW YORK (Variety) – UPN, which recently nabbed “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Roswell” from the WB, makes no apologies for its acquisition-heavy schedule.

At the network’s upfront presentation to advertisers on Thursday, UPN CEO Dean Valentine said pickups are not a sign its inhouse fare wasn’t up to snuff.

Citing both shows’ loyal fans, Valentine said, “Any time the WB would like to give up a fabulous program that connects with viewers, we’re happy to take it.”

Valentine said he hopes “Buffy” and “Roswell” help attract younger women to the traditionally testosterone-fueled network. whose No. 1 show is “WWF Smackdown!”

“We always said we were male-friendly, but we wanted to attract women to the fold. That’s our future. It’s important to our financial health.”

In addition to “Buffy” and “Roswell,” UPN unveiled two series and announced the cancellation of longtime staple “Moesha.”

“Enterprise,” the next edition in the “Star Trek” franchise, will not feature the “Star Trek” name in the title.

“(Producer) Paramount felt it was no longer necessary,” said Valentine. “’Enterprise’ is synonymous with ‘Star Trek.”’

UPN Entertainment president Tom Nunan acknowledged that it took time to land the sci-fi series since Paramount was considering whether the show should go to a “big network” or to syndication. (UPN and Paramount are owned by Viacom Inc.)

“Star Trek: Voyager,” the show that launched UPN in 1995, will air its series finale next week.

The other new series is Paramount-produced comedy “One on One.”

In addition, UPN has ordered two “Iron Chef Showdown in Las Vegas” specials, which will feature William Shatner. Nunan said the network has the option to do further specials and an “Iron Chef” series. The original aired on the Food Network.

In terms of reality fare, UPN has given a six-episode commitment to “Manhunt,” which could air as early as this summer. The show was slated to run last season but was held in case of possible union strikes. UPN also has acquired for midseason “Rebuild Your Life,” which allows families to start over in an exotic locale and build their dream house.

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From USA Today:

USA Today

UPN slays ‘Moesha,’ buffs lineup

By Gary Levin, USA TODAY

UPN imports Buffy and Roswell.

UPN is importing WB’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roswell, but canceling Moesha, in a new fall lineup that includes the latest Star Trek series, Enterprise. A schedule to be announced to advertisers today adds new comedy One on One, about a sportscaster dad and his preteen daughter, to replace Moesha on Mondays, where The Hughleys, The Parkers and Girlfriends all return for new seasons. Tuesday will be the night for former WB series. Buffy keeps its current 8 p.m. ET/PT time slot, followed by Roswell, the teen-alien drama that was canceled this week after two seasons on WB.