‘Roswell’ Producer Spills Some Beans-Spoiler Alert

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‘Roswell’ Producer Spills Some Beans
Tue, Jul 17, 2001 07:16 PM PDT


LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) – While most producers are keeping mum on what to expect this upcoming season, one is happy to give fans a taste of what’s coming up. “Roswell” executive producer Jason Katims met with reporters Monday during the annual Television Critics Association press tour, and laid out his plans for what’s going to happen in the series’ first episode on UPN after moving from The WB. The gist of it? The independent kids are going to find out they’re are still kids, after all.

“In the first episode, Max (Jason Behr) and Liz (Sheri Appleby) get arrested,” Katims says, “and suddenly they’re in real trouble, and their parents are called in…. They start to have questions about what their kids are involved in, and it’s not so funny anymore.”

[Unable to display image] “By the end of that episode, Liz is forbidden by her parents to ever see Max…. What we are sort of building by starting off that way is playing stories about these kids in context of their parents — these kids starting to realize that their parents are human beings and are people and that what they do affects them.”

According to Katims, all the characters can look forward to some changes this year.

“I think of it being a coming-of-age for a lot of the characters in the show,” he says. “A lot of what we want to do this year is expand the canvas of the show and each of the characters are sort of going in different directions.”

[Unable to display image] Isabel, played by Katherine Heigl, will not be going to college as was previously hinted, and will instead find a new love interest, who is being cast. And not only will she fall in love, she may get hitched.

“She’s going to stay at a community college, largely maybe because of this relationship that she’s formed over the summer,” Katims says. “Isabel gets into a serious relationship and falls into a precipitous marriage.”

Michael (Brendan Fehr), realizes school may not be for him and does something new.

“Michael realizes that he has spend no time investing himself in life on earth,” Katims explains, “so (he) basically wants to build a life for himself and winds up getting a job.”

Another “Roswell” resident, Maria (Majandra Delfino) finds a career in doing something other than being a waitress.

[Unable to display image] “Maria’s character begins to pursue her musical career and that becomes a real thing.”

But what fans want to know is simple: Will Max and Liz get back together? Well, sort of.

“Max goes on a quest to find his child and Liz goes along with him,” he says, “and that quest will take him out of Roswell onto the road.”

The main thing Katims wants to see happen this year is change — and maybe the introduction of some new aliens.

“I think that we will definitely play with the idea of other aliens out there, but this year we want to do that in a very specific way,” he explains. “We’re going to be very selective with that and have them play roles on a more ongoing basis that will stay sort of consistent throughout the season.”

For Appleby, all this change is great, though she does have one request.

“I would love to see her not cry in a whole episode,” she says. “Personally, I’m ready for her to smile and run around and be a fun kid, so hopefully this year will lend to that.”