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Jason Behr Calendar WILL Be Published After All

Okay, folks, it seems that the calendar will be published after all, thanks in part to all of you! Just received this message from the web site today…

I run www.365calendars.com The 2002 Jason Behr calendar will be published as planned. The company publishing did cancel it but after getting many requests I managed to get them to change their mind and it is back on the list. If you go to www.365calendars.com and select your country you will then see the calendar cover and can place your order.

Sorry for the false alarm but I am pleased to say fan pressure and my moaning has put it back on.

My company is a family run business with over 140,000 customers in 140 countries around the world. We have over 25,000 customers in the USA. We only sell by mail order or on the secure web site.

We welcome your order for the Jason Behr calendar or any of the 3000 other calendars we sell.

We hope to have a range of other items soon including Mouse Pads very soon.


Thank you to Mr. Borthwick for letting us know!