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MAGAZINE – Sept. MOVIELINE Majandra/Katie/Emilie

Thanks to Lisa for sending this in :)

The Sept issue of Movieline, with Heather Graham on the front is
LOADED with pics of 3 ROSWELL ladies. First off I flipped when
I noticed Majandra, and then read that the mag had invited a bunch
of female actors to the Bahamas for the weekend. There are quite
a few pics of Majandra, and several of Emile….one of her is on a
topless beach. (arms are blocking pertinent parts.) Then….I turned
a few pages, and there are about 8 (or was it 6) FULL PAGES of
Katie modeling clothes. Very worth it issue to buy when it hits
GUYZ you are going to FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooner or later, the online site, www.movieline.com will have the issue
on it, and possible links to see some of the stuff. Keep an eye on it!

PS Go to the site now, and do a search for ROSWELL, and it brings up
3 different stories, one on Jason Behr with a video to download, and 2
stories on Majandra. GOOD STUFF! >>