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Brendan / Majandra Crashdown Party Q&A transcript

Thanks to ~Karen (L0viNkaRe) for transcribing this and sending it in for us.

You can download the audio file here.

KKB: My name is Kevin brown. Thank you for coming. We’re glad to be here. Before we have dinner, I want to introduce you to two very special guests. I believe you’ve seen them before. Since age usually comes before “?” first? We’ll introduce beauty first, please welcome Majandra Delfino ((applause)) and Brendan Fehr ((applause))

KKB: We were hoping that they could mingle but that didn’t work out. So… this is probably as good as it’s going to get. But they’d like to say a few words. So Majandra?

MD: Okay. Hello! ((applause)) Well um. We don’t really know what to do. Cause as much as we want to please everyone it’s kind of a mad house. So… we don’t know what to- Brendan! Come here!

BF: Hey.. ((laughter)) yeah, umm I would feel kinda bad signing autographs for some and not getting around to everyone. And plus uh we have an auction tonight with some autographed stuff so we don’t want to devalue them. But what I figured we could do is if we could do it in some sort of a orderly fashion with us pointing, we could uh, we could answer a few questions for you guys if you want. So does anybody have any questions?

BF: Alright what’s yours?

((question being asked)) ((giggles))

BF: What? Do I like N’sync?

((loud laughter)) NO! No, they’re pretty- they’re well you know they’re up there…

KKB: They’re nice boys

BF: They’re nice- right here-

BF: Episode number 2. that one’s a story about-something’s going on.. beyond.. oh geez I’ll do that.

BF: uh I dunno, filming is going pretty smoothly, we have a few directors back from last year, that we really like, and the writers have some – with you guys? So we’ll see what happens.

BF: Yes?


MD: Wow! I get to hold the mic, hmm ((laughter)), I don’t have any bodyguards and I do have a lot of personal time, in fact I walked through this entire party.

MD: Brendan is my bodyguard

((screams in audience)) He can really kick some ass. But yeah I walked through and no one knew it was me so I’m pretty much safe. ((giggle))


MD: Yes! ((screams in audience)) and Brendan will not have his shirt on!! ((screams in audience))

BF: September will be Speedo Month! ((screams in audience))

KKB: ((laughing a lot)) excellent!


BF: uuhhhhhh.. you want a picture of my what?? Hmm.. noo..

KKB: There are children present please.

BF: Right here, straight ahead with the hoop earrings?


MD: What was that? Oh it’s going really well. I should be releasing it online in a month. ((people screaming)) Let this man through! Let this man through. Anthony Rodriguez, please, the man behind the music everybody ((people screaming))

AR: I’ve got a question.

MD: Oh you’ve got a question. What’s the question?

AR: Where’s the mama kitty?

MD: The mama kitty is right here. ((giggle))

MD: This is Anthony, my oh so sexy producer.

AR: Hello!

MD: He’s doing-

BF: Right here. Yeah?


BF: Yeah I do visit Fanforum on occasionally and answer some questions ((people screaming))

AR: Hang on, Hang on, excuse me I’m hungry so I’m going to go eat. But I’m going to have a list. And if you’re interested in making sure you see Majandra’s first live performance. Make sure you sign it, so just come up to me and we’ll talk.

BF: Right here.


BF: Uh, I have a couple polaroids. ((giggle)) stuff I can’t show you. Uh we just shot a gallery, for the publicity called the gallery shoot a couple days ago. So we got some polaroids of you know what it’s going to kinda look like, but beyond that I haven’t seen any artwork besides some of the stuff on T.V

MD: Uh I just wanted to comment that I got your book. I got it.

BF: Right here?


MD: Umm, Roswell Ate My Soul. ((people screaming)) What was that? Now, now. Now… Now, now… every site dedicated to our show is a good site isn’t it?


MD: Come on.

BF: Right here straight ahead. Yeah.


BF: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?

((people screaming))

BF: I’ll take both at the same time!!

((people screaming))

((BF laughing))

BF: No! Neither one! But it would be Britney cause I think she’s cooler.

MD: Britney Spears… Christina Aguilera ((maj does raspberry))

BF: Yeah, Exactly

KKB: However neither one of them can sing as well as Majandra.

BF: Exactly!

((people screaming))

MD: I will have backup dancers in my uh. Whoa.

((people talking))

BF: I would choose any over Christina Aguilera.

BF: Right here.


MD: No, I’m sorry! And I won’t do any lines from the show either.

((crowd Awwing))

BF: Aww..((BF giggling))

MD: Don’t you aww!

((people laughing))

BF: Right here?


BF: Uh.. the last book we’ve read or last piece of reading material we read besides the script. Then I’m going to say- I don’t remember the last book I read. Yeah exactly. One of the previous ones I’ve just finished reading was the Neon Bible. Which was really good, Which I passed off to Majandra and she read as well. It’s a short little story, 200 pages. It’s a good read, go check it out.


BF: Oh Ray Bork(sp?). Uhm. I was happy to see him win the cup, and I think he probably should retire.

BF: Right here yeah?


BF: ((BF laughing)) A question regarding film. I have a film coming up. It opens up in February at the Berlin Film Festival, it’s hopefully where uh it’ll open up. Right now it’s called the Wilderness Station. It’s pretty good, I have a rough copy at home. Uh I play a guy, he’s a Scottish settler, and he’s kind of a nasty guy, and yeah I do have an accent

MD: He rapes a girl

((people ooohing))

BF: Like four times

((people oohing even more))

BF: It’s a great character, and yeah I think you guys will enjoy it.

BF: Right here?


BF: Yeah what about him? Is the character Rath coming back? Umm , I do know that Khivar is coming back. Um. I don’t know exactly when but I do know he’s coming back but I’m not sure if Rath and the other people accompany him. So no word as to yet he’s coming back.

BF: in the back there?


BF: My favorite T.V. show besides Roswell?? Roswell is not my favorite T.V. show

((people awing))

BF: Hey you know, I don’t like to watch myself!

((people laughing))

MD: Mine is Six Feet Under

((people screaming))

MD: Ooh Nice, Nice! Good job with that!

MD: Sex in the City, girl! Sex in the City! ((MD giggles))

MD: Brendan?

BF: Uhmm I’m thinking like, Fox Sunday Football. Uh, Probably reruns of Seinfeld, and Radio city- News Radio I mean, a little obscure.

BF: Alright, you in the back


BF: No. yes. Is who coming back??

BF: I still can’t hear… Nicholas! Yes that is– Who’s Nicholas?

((people laughing))

BF: Yeah that’s Miko right?? Miko Hughes? Yeah Yeah Khivar!

((people laughing))

MD: No, that is not Khivar!

BF: That’s Khivar!

MD: Disgrace, disgrace!!

Bf: Do I not know my own show?? Who’s Khivar? ((people laughing))

MD: He may come back!

BF: Ooh, that’s right, Miko is coming- ((people laughing)) I’m mixed up now!


BF: How do I feel about parents AND tattoos?? Parents having tattoos??

KKB: Parents AND tattoos.

BF: Oh two separate questions. NO? I’m still– What do I think parents think?? What do parents… Wait I don’t know. I’m not a parent! Wait let’s get this straight!

MD: Tattoos, man!

BF: Alright! Don’t harass! We’re up here together

MD: But right? I get it! That’s right ((giggle))

BF: OOOOOH, MY parents and MY tattoos!

MD: ((MD giggles)) My parents don’t get to choose about the tattoos, But they don’t like it at all, AT ALL!

BF: Yeah, I informed my mother, she was uh ((BF imitates high voice)) “Why do you want to do that to your body?”

BF: But. She didn’t really mind. I mean I don’t got sleeves and it’s like it’s not on my face. They’re pretty tame, She still doesn’t particularly understand but you know, she still loves me.

BF: Uh yeah you.


BF: How is it like having Liz and Max? Oh, Melinda Metz. You want to take that?

MD: I guess I should. It’s actually cool. You know cause she’s the creator and all that but yes … it’s also great having Liz and Max. Bren?

BF: Uh yeah I haven’t actually had much interaction with her. I’ve met her twice? And uh I think one of her scripts will be coming up soon. But I don’t know. I’m trying to listen to Kev out of the left side of my ear. Uh yeah the punchy guy.


((you can hear people screaming BEARD!!))

BF: Oh the peach fuzz! It’s a beard, not peach fuzz!!

((people laughing))

MD: It’s not a– You people.. peach fuzz!

BF: Yeah, yeah peach fuzz!

MD: That is a man!

((people laughing))

BF: Yeah I had to shave it for the show. That’s about all I can say. ((laughing)) right here.


BF: Favorite episode? Uh. You can answer it too you know, not for me but for you.

MD: Oh can I? Thank you. ((MD laughing)) What? put it back on you.

BF: Uhmm my favorite.. for some reason it always leaves an impression on me. It’s kind of the most obvious one. Which was Independence Day. ((people screaming)) That was the first time. You know, when Michael was kind of the real outsider and all that stuff and it’s the first time you see him open up. So that one kind of sticks out in my mind. Majandra?

MD: Mine was the 1947 one. Cause it was fun ((people screaming)) Cause we got to do some things out of the norm. The accent yes. The southern accent.

BF: Back in there? Yes?


MD: Love him. Love him

BF: Jonathon Frakes is the coolest guy, cause he’s been in front of the camera. And he knows what actors want and kind of what they go through. He’s one of the funniest people as well, His favorite direction, when he’s director, his favorite direction is “Do it again, but WAY better”

MD: “What stinks? Oh it’s the scene. Oh”

BF: That’s another one of his favorites.

BF: Right here?


BF: How has the UPN been treating us?

MD: Nice. Nice.

BF: They’re actually treating us really well. I haven’t had much interaction with them either, But they’ve been more than accommodating with what we’ve asked, which hasn’t been for much. But you know to see what’s going on and all that, they’ve offered all of us, basically what we wanted in terms of pictures and all that stuff. They seem to be pretty psyched on the show. So we’ll see what they do with it


BF: Okay. Yeah she’s asking about Texas and Houston specifically

BF: I was there to shoot, the Stuck and I can’t get out of, uhm it was a dedication to Michael Hutchins.

MD: They’re not hot!

BF: What?

MD: They’re not hot, Sorry the Krispy Kremes, talking to Anthony

BF: It was in dedication, Michael Hutchins I guess he was a good friend of Bonos and everything went pretty well. It shot for 21 hours, I just went for one day, 21 hours and then I flew back home.

BF: Want to pick the last one?

MD: Oh God uh. No don’t put this on me. You pick

BF: Alright.

MD: Pick those-

BF: Alright right here

MD: I tried

BF: Will we have- Oh wait you’re mad at me now that I didn’t pick you?


BF: Will we be having any new powers this year? As far as I know uh, nothing has been written for it, uhm I’m not sure if any powers are actually used in the first episode

MD: They don’t tell us what’s going on, we don’t know.

BF: No, we’ve very unaware


BF: WHOA! Alright. You want a WHA? That’s not a question that’s a request! ((people laughing))

BF: ((laughs really loud))

MD: How about him in the back??

BF: Alright. In the back. Who sorry?

BF: Oh the guy in the blue robe. I guess he’s been in Covina spying on us. The guy in the blue robe. his name is Steve Cage, yeah his name in the show is Steve Cage, he’s a co-worker at my new job, yeah Michael has a new job, and he develops .. 3? … 4? 1, 2, 3… 4 new friends he gets. That’s kind of new for him because he’s never had the buddy buddy. So he’s one of the buddies

KKB: Ok guys we have to wrap it up. They’re going to come up and announce the winners of the silent auction and the raffle. I think after that we’re going to do the live auction. Both Brendan and Majandra have generously given us– Oh, not Majandra. Sorry! We’ve got some stuff-

BF: I’ll tell you now, none of them have descriptions on them, so, you can just vote for whatever you want. I brought a pair of boots, that were worn on the show, And Doc Martens mean a lot to me, spend a lot of money on them, Because I had to give them up. I brought 3 pairs of jeans. One is um Lot 53, that was worn in the show, I don’t know which episode. All the jeans were worn in the show. I brought a shirt that I wore in the show. Just a t-shirt that says “Metal God” on it. I don’t know which episode that was in

KKB: They probably do

BF: Another one is my Spiderman shirt from my Spiderman collection.


((people screaming))

BF: It’s red and it’s just the spider right here. And, um, another one is actually a Metallica “Ride the lightning T-shirt” ((people screaming)) That Majandra brought for me. ((people screaming)) So it’s got a little tie in there. But it was a little too small on me so I had to give it up. She bought me two though and one of them fits. So. So those are the things I’ve give up and I just wanted to give you a little info on them, in case you choose to do so.

MD: Not sure how you’re going to answer. But I’m hoping.

KKB: A show of hands.

MD: A show of hands, please. I have my CD coming out in a month and a half, but I can put posters and t-shirts on sale now, or I can wait then. Now?

((people screaming NOW!))

MD: Are you sure?

((people screaming Yes!))

MD: You’re not just going to buy t-shirts and not buy the actual CD right?

((people screaming No!))

MD: Can I get that in writing?

((people screaming Yes!!))

MD: alright, well okay. That’s all.

KKB: Well everybody, let’s say thank you to Brendan and Majandra

((people screaming))

BF: Thank you guys for coming!

KKB: We’re going to get the results of the raffle and auction now. And we will be departing, Bye Bye! See you in a bit.

BF: Thank you, have a good time and look forward to October I guess.