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Sci Fi Wire: Fehr AWOL From TV Press Tour

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From Sci-Fi Wire: Dated July 30th, 2001 – Sci-File #223

Fehr AWOL From TV Press Tour

The boys of Roswell caused a stir at last week’s Television Critics Association fall preview, not by what they said, but by saying nothing; Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr didn’t show up, leaving Shiri Appleby, Katherine Heigl, Majandra Delfino and producer Jason Katims to chat up the show, which returns to the airwaves–and joins the UPN roster–on Oct. 16. Though Behr and Fehr seemingly had good reason not to attend–Behr was shooting a movie and had studio approval to skip the affair; Fehr was filming a Canadian public service spot, but apparently didn’t have studio OK to miss the press event–lawyers for 20th Century Fox, which produces Roswell, were reportedly not pleased.

According to E! Online, Fehr–and possibly the entire cast; the recipient’s name was crossed out–received a dire letter from Fox lawyers that threatened legal action. “Make no mistake, such a cavalier disregard of your documented commitments to the series will not be tolerated,” the document read. “We are hopeful, however, that [Fox] has either been misinformed as to your intentions or, if you actually did not intend to appear at the TCAPT, that you will reconsider your ill-advised decision and agree to honor your contractual obligations.”

Fehr’s manager, Jim Sheasgreen, did not sound particularly apologetic. “I think it’s already been expressed that not everyone was particularly excited about going back
for a third season,” he told E! Online. That said, however, Sheasgreen did state that Fehr will be at Paramount and on the Roswell set when the cast reconvenes on July 23.