Two Magazine Articles On ‘Roswell’

Thanks to my friend ALieN ISaBeL who always dishes with me about everything “Roswell”

I don’t know if this piece of information has been sent in yet, but I thought
I’d pass it along! Searching through my local book store, I came across the
aug/sept 2001 issue of the mary-kateandashley magazine. For a laugh, I picked
it up and much to my surprise, I ended up buying it! Page 18 had a small
picture of Katherine Heigl with her new ‘do, and Jason Behr sporting an
abundance of facial hair! Page 133 has a full-page feature with Dido, and and
page 54 starts a 2-page interview with Brendan Fehr including 2 full-sized

Thanks to Katie for this :)

my friend sent me this link. it is a 2 page article
and 2 pictures of Brendan Fehr from marykateandashley
here is the link:

Thanks to Jacquelyn for this :)

Okay, I’m a little embarrassed that I actually read this magazine…but the latest issue of Mary-Kate & Ashley has several items of interest for Roswellians: articles on both Brendan Fehr and Dido, as well as, on page 18, a picture of Katherine Heigl (who I mistook for Ashley Judd at first…) and a rather hirsute Jason Behr at the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation carnival.

Thanks to Carmen for this :)

today I have bough a sci-fi english magazine called Dreamwatch the next issue information says:

offers a tour of Roswell

So in the october issue of that magazine there’ll be a feature about this actress and the show.