Various Magazine/Newspaper Articles On ‘Roswell’

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Majandra is in a 2 page article of the UK edition of FHM with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover. There are some risque pictures of our Majandra and the article mentions Warren Beatty hitting on her at a “Mars Attack” audition.

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Just thought you’d like to know that the SCI FI Wire has a story up today about the party on Saturday. Here’s the link.

9:00am ET, 16-August-01

Roswell Fans Crash Down in L.A.

Nearly 500 fans of the UPN series Roswell are expected to gather for the second annual Crashdown Party at the Sheraton Universal Hotel near Los Angeles on Aug. 18 to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation. The fan get-together is sponsored by the Crashdown fan Web site–named for the café where the show’s teen aliens hang out–and its affiliated Fan Forum message board.

Since the first “L.A. Roswellian” gathering in February 2000, Roswell fans have raised more than $70,000 for charitable causes. At last year’s party, one fan paid $4,000 for a set of hospital scrubs worn by series star Jason Behr. Organizers chose the Pediatric Cancer Foundation as this year’s charity because of a second-season episode in which Behr’s character heals a group of children in a cancer ward.

Cast and crew have been invited, and executive producer Kevin Kelly Brown is expected to attend. Partygoers will also be entertained by a live performance by singer/songwriter Magdalen Hsu-Li. For the first time the event will be simulcast on the Web by

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this is my first time submitting something so im not too sure how to do this but i was looking through Movieline magazine and there is a couple of pages of WB stars on some beach and Majandra and Emilie are in some of them. In the same issue there a about 5 pages of Katherine dressed like an old movie star. So check it out its a great issue!!!!

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Brendan is going to be in an Xpose Special Edition. It’s #15 and will be out next month!

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My Mom just got her new Connecticut Magazine for September 2001, and she said she found something in it that I might find interesting…I definitely did! It’s a magazine about all different kinds of stuff that happens in Connecticut, people here, restaurants, events, etc. Anyway, as you all know, Katie grew up in CT, so that’s why she’s in here. It has a really cute picture of her in a red dress with braided hair (obviously when it was still long & blond) sitting in a field full of yellow flowers. I’ve never seen the picture before. I don’t have a scanner, so I can’t send it in, but I’m typing up the article myself so you guys can read it

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Pg. 65: Teacher’s pet… or not “I had an English teacher names Mrs. Skala. I didn’t know if I liked her at first because she was really hard. But I ended up caring about her a lot eause teahing English was her passion.” -Jason Behr, Roswell [pic of him with green shirt/green background]

Pg 92: Star directory
c/o Arista Records
6 West 57th St.
New York, NY 10019

Shiri Appleby/Jason Behr/Majandra Delfino/Brendan Fehr/Colin Hanks/Katherine Heigl/Nick Wechsler
c/o Roswell
UPN Network
11900 Wilshire
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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This is just a very little piece of information, but I was reading J-14 Magazine and came across the Fall TV Preview section. It had a little blurb about Roswell. It said Roswell debuts on UPN Tuesdays at 9pm and it had a little scoop which said: Funnier, sexier, and more action-packed, season three promises a new, unexpected relationship.

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I just bought the September edition of J14 and it contains some tiny snippets of things about Roswell-

Page 35- Shiri Appleby is feutured in the horoscope section as a sagittarious for her birthday December 7th also a small picture of her is feutured next to it

Page 100-101 The Fall Tv Preview is feutured with a small picture and a tiny paragraph about next season~

Time- Tuesdays, 9 p.m.
The Scoop- Funnier, sexier and even more action packed, season three promises a new unexpected relationship.

Page 104-105 The Readers picks are feutured and here’s how Roswell came out~

Favorite Actors
# 9 Jason Behr last issue (-)

Coolest Tv Shows
# 5 Roswell last issue (-)

Well, thats about it for Roswell in J14~

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In J-14 September issue on page 100 and 101 there is Fall TV Preview under sci-fi there is Dark Angel, Angel, Charmed, Smallville and Roswell and under it says
Network: UPN
Time: Tuesdays, 9:00pm
The Scoop: Funnier, sexier and more action packed, season three promises a new, unexpectes relationship.

Thats all that was in the J-14 on Roswell.

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Hey, just wanted to let you know that Katherine heigel has a spread in the new movieline which has heather graham on the cover. Katherine is doing a spread in old hollywood clothes and its like 4 pages long. Also in pages 18, 19 and 20 there is a thing called Strangers in Paradise and their is 3 pictures with Majandra in it, one is of her “flirting with the camera” one is in a group shot right below the picture of her ( and I think she’s wearing the bathing suit we saw her wear on E!) and one on page 20 of her dancing at a nightclub “pulling a Tony Manero” and also on page 19 one of Emilie de Ravin have naked “getting in touch with herself”