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Gellar, Parker Among Leaders of’s ‘Battle of the Network Stars’
Wed, Aug 29, 2001 09:48 PM PDT

by Brill Bundy, TV News

LOS ANGELES ( – Round One of’s Battle of the Network Stars drew to a close Wednesday (Aug. 29), with a few surprises, a couple close races and a slew of fans coming out to show their support.

With over 10,000 votes, the battle is currently led by two women with three names and an animated little boy. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Sarah Michelle Gellar rules with a total of 2074 votes, followed closely by “The Simpsons” resident troublemaker, Bart, with 1975. “Sex and the City” star Sarah Jessica Parker rounds out the top three with 1970 votes.

On the opposite end, “Survivor’s” Jeff Probst better not give up his day job (482 votes), and neither should another reality show host, “Fear Factor’s” Joe Rogan (507). “The Steve Harvey Show’s” Steve Harvey, fared only slightly better than Rogan with 537 votes.

Not surprisingly, the leaders of the pack trounced their competition in the first round. Gellar took Probst by a margin of 1592 votes (2074 to 482); Simpson disposed of “The Hughleys'” D.L. Hughley with 1975 votes to 581; and Parker worked her womanly wiles all over “Third Watch’s” Michael Beach with 1970 votes to his 575.

More interesting were the close calls. Up until the final day of voting, “Malcolm in the Middle’s” Frankie Muniz was leading over “Roswell’s” Jason Behr, only to have Behr make a comeback at the very end to win 1369 votes to 1187. Another teen heartthrob, “Dawson’s Creek’s” Joshua Jackson didn’t fare so well, losing out to “The Practice’s” Dylan McDermott by a mere 30 votes (1283-1253). “Monday Night Football’s” Dennis Miller also squeaked a win over “Ed’s” Julie Bowen with 1356 votes to her 1189.

The Miller and Behr victories weren’t the only cases of an underdog triumphing over his/her seeding either. Of the 32 pairings, nine (or 28%) were won by the underdog. “Frasier’s” Kelsey Grammer, “Ed’s” Tom Cavanagh, “What About Joan’s” Joan Cusack, “Will & Grace’s” Sean Hayes, “ER’s” Noah Wyle, “Malcolm in the Middle’s” Jane Kaczmarek and “Friends'” Matthew Perry, as well as Behr and Miller, will go on to fight another day in Round Two. Meanwhile, “CSI’s” William Petersen, “Titus'” Christopher Titus, “Ally McBeal’s” Calista Flockhart, “WWF Smackdown!’s” The Rock, “Spin City’s” Charlie Sheen, “Everybody Loves Raymond’s” Ray Romano, “That ’70s Show’s” Laura Prepon, and Muniz and Bowen, may have had a good year, just not good enough.

Round Two promises to be an interesting one. Will McDermott be able to pull off a win against another young hottie, “That ’70s Show’s” Ashton Kutcher? Will “Dawson’s Creek’s” Katie Holmes test some of the fan loyalty to Behr? And, in what could be an indication of the Emmys a few weeks from now, how will “The Sopranos” James Gandolfini and “The West Wing’s” Martin Sheen ultimately duke it out?

It’s all in your hands. You decide. Use the power wisely.