Roswell In Teen People

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In the November issue of Teen People (which I got today) is comletly decked out with roswell…well not completly but almost.

On page 45 there is a picture of Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr in the Star Tracks section. Under the picture there is a little caption that says, “on-again, off-again couple Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino looked like they were on again at the L.A. bash for ‘Nsync. The otherworldly pair will return to TV on October 9 when Roswell begins its thirds season, it’s frist on UPN.

Then, on page 60 in a section called Feeling Minnesota it has a artical about how Jason Behr, among other stars, are from Minnesota. It says, Jason Behr under name, Richfield under hometown, Roswell; the upcoming The Shipping News under high-profile projects, although Jason has relocated to the West Coast for work, this diehard Vikings fan heads for his home state about twice a year. And finally under Why Minnesotans Do it Better it says, “They’re funny. My finest moment as an actor was donning that sun flower outfit,” Jason has joked about his local theater debut at two. “It must of been downhill from there.”

On page 64, there is a little artical called dressed down/dressed up: majandra delfino which has two pictures of her that say: Feline Fancy: Majandra gets her grr onwith a sex leopard print outfit and then Back in Black: Still on the lingerie beat in an elegant slip inspired gown.

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In the November edition of Teen People, theres a lot of Roswell.

In the reader’s choice awards, Roswell is up for four.
TV Show Your Addicted to- Roswell
TV Twosome You Still Love- Max and Liz
Favorite TV Actress-Shiri
Favorite TV Actor-Jason

And then Majandra is in StyleWatch as the Dressed down/Dressed up person.
There are two pictures of Majandra. The first picture is the “Dressed Down”
one and the caption reads “Feline Fancy- Majandra gets her grrr on with a
sexy leopard-print camisole.” then the second is “Back in Black- Still on the
lingerie beat in an elegant slip-inspired down.”

And then Majandra and Brendon are in the “Star Tracks” section which reads
“On-again, Off-again couple BF and MD looked like they were on again at an
L.A. bash for ‘Nsync. The otherwordly pair will return to TV on October 9
when Roswell begins its third season, the first on UPN.”

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Hey…. I just got the new Teen People and Brenden and Majandra are in it
together on the ‘star tracks’ section. They are pictured at a bash for N*Sync
in L.A. and on page 60 there is a
small picture of Jason about why he likes his home state, and on page 64
there is a picture of Majandra dressed down/dressed up.

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I don’t know if someone has sent this in already but I was reading the October issue of Teen people and it had this little section on Roswell under “Prime Time Players”. It said:

Roswell (UPN, Tuesdays at 9 p.m.).
As this aliens-among-us drama ended its WB “invasion”, Max (Jason Behr) set the scene for a new season on a new network by grimly announcing, “I have to save my son”. His desperation makes him reckless, which creates friction with human soulmate Liz (Shiri Appleby). Most surprising, it’s Michael (Brendan Fehr) who finally settles down and gets a job at a new pharmaceutical research company-one that’s shielding dark interests-while girlfriend Maria (Majandra Delfino) jump-starts her musical career. Recent high school graduate Isabel (Katherine Heigl) hides her extraterrestrial origins from a new man and marries him, only to be distracted by an admirer from her past. FYI: Troublemaker alien Tess (Emilie de Ravin) is history-for now.