Various ‘Roswell’ Billboard Sightings

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I live just south of Downtown Chicago. Today I was going to work and I saw the Roswell billboard. For those who live in Chicago it’s on I55 not sure where exactually.

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I live in IL and I was out today on Rt.80. I saw two of the same Roswell billboards. One is located on Rt.80 near Halstead and the other on Rt. 80 near Kedzie. They are probably the same type of billboard like the one seen in L.A. It’s blue just like the blue in the Season 2 poster. Jason and Shiri on the left side and Brendan and Katherine on the right side. Unless I read incorrectly, it said “They live like no one on earth.” On the bottom, I believe it said Starting October 9th at 9pm/8pm central and across from it UPN 50.

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hey i saw a billboard in San Pedro Cali. its on Galley st.

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There is also a billboard in Roswell’s part-time home town of Covina! It’s located at the corner of Grand Avenue and Covina Boulevard. They’re still filming here occasionally at various locations, however the front of the Crashdown is no longer filmed here but the UFO Center facade is still up and ready for use. We look forward to future sightings.

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There is a blue billboard for roswell in Long Beach. It has pics of Jason, Shiri, Katie, and Brendan. It says ‘They’re Like No One Else On Earth”. It is on Long Beach Blvd. and Wardlow just past the 405 freeway.

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I noticed Tekgirl3 had a post up on the 19th regarding billboards. I too have seen one and was exstatic about it. It is only about half a block down from my house! I see it every day going to work and I am counting down the days until the opener. I too live in the LA area in Calif. Sunland to be exact and that is where the billboard is.

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In LA, I’ve come across two more Roswell billboards.

1. On Wilshire and McCarthy Vista, just to the left of the McCarthy Circle entrance.

2. On Vermont and Washington, facing south on Vermont on the SW corner.

Both the billboards are way smaller than the most of the gazillion Buffy and Enterprise ads on billboards and buses.

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i don’t know if you already know, but i was in nyc a couple of weeks ago and i saw a roswell billboard too

also, i was in paraguay (south america) during the summer, and they had roswell dubbed in spanish… kinda weird