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Reminder: Crashdown Will Be Inaccessible for 48 Hours

This is just a reminder that all of the Fan Forum message boards, and all of the sites owned by Fan Forum (including this one), will not be accessible for 48 hours beginning at midnight tonight (PST).

The sites that will be down include:
Watchers Guide
Jason Behr Unlimited

This is an unfortunate necessity due to the rising bandwidth costs we’ve accumulated this month. Please see the following announcement for further details:

If you would like to help prevent future blackouts, please participate in the Helping Hands program. You can sign up for email newsletters, register for programs such as eBay or donate money, whatever you feel comfortable doing — all of these will make a difference and contribute to keeping FF (and the sites it hosts) online.

Thank you all for any help and support that you can give. We’ll be back on Thursday!