An Extra Shares His Story (Spoilers)

Thanks to nuttymong for this :)

I worked on Roswell three days…. I have mid/long blonde hair
1 day they were filming the Christmas episode. Max is talking with the mother of some child who has some mental disorder. When Max reaches to touch the child he runs out into the middle of the street (I was on the other side of the street – leather jacket). Took a while to shoot because of the sun. Then they shoot at the christmas fair @ the park. Liz and Maria were dresses as Santa’s helpers trying to take care of some unruly children… Brendan also dresses in a Santa suit. Later on the children find Santa kissing one of the dwarves and the children say that they’re DOING IT!….. thye run from Santa’s cottage.

New Years Episode – The crew looks for clues to something and they have to jump from party to party….. I am in the New Years PArty, there is also a rave party that is filming today but they didn’t need me for it.
2 days I worked on the New Years Episode on day 1 they dressed up the holding area as a Frat House, I was wit ha friend of mine and the director had us hold hands as BF and GF which we were fine with. Max makes his enterance into the party right as the Keg explodes and gets tons of people wet…. there is also a guy that strips to his boxers drenched in beer dancing on the table. In another scene Maria and Micheal make their way into the pool room and some guy hits on Maria while Micheal asks a girl where the keg is. at that point we cross behind micheal. Micheal has something done to him where he gets set on fire and yells for Max’s help.

day 2 – Isabel trys to hook up Kyle at the Frat party with a girl named Bitsy (Frieda Jane)… in doing so she points out several alternatives…. an extra got to make up her own name. Kyle and Bitsy hit it off on the couch while Isabel makes her way to the bar (Where I am). Later on in the day we’re driven to a Drive -In Reasuturant location…. two girls get approached by two guys, I didn’t really know the premise for that because I was far away. Then I was asked to play frisbee with James ross who is Daryl in the episode. Max asks Daryl mid-game where the party is and James laughs at him, then Isabel calls Max over to look for a clue…..

side note: I brought my CDs ( Please don’t email the webmaster of this site. ) for the extras I met and for any of the principals I met… well I stopped Brendan to give him a CD and he was REALLY sweet, he asked me my name and was totally stoked I gave him something which wasn’t the impression I got of him when he was walking around…. totally nice guy. When I stopped Katherine however, she was very grumpy, and it’s weire because she was smiling the entire day having a great time. Oh well. I spoke with JAson too for a tad about his old roles on Dawson’s Creek. He seemed cool enough. The episode I described is # 310 A Tale of Two Parties Directed by Allan Kroeker you can email me at nuttymong