Roswell’s Airing Times In Greensboro and Philadelphia

Thanks to Jill for sending this in :)

Due to the Flyers hockey game, the November 6th episode of Roswell has been
rescheduled to air on Saturday, November 10th, at 6pm. Yep, that’s 6:00pm.
The Buffy musical will air at 7:30pm (time may run over one hour according
to sources).

Thanks to Rose for this :)

in philadelphia, this weeks roswell will be postponed and moved to 6:30 PM on Saturday the tenth. It will be followed by the buffy musical.

Thanks to Rebecca for this information :)

I live in Greensboro, NC our listing says Buffy will be 8- 9:10pm, then Roswell from 9:10-10:10. Just thought i would let you know.