ViewerVoice National Television Advisory Panel

Krist has asked if we could post this at crashdown to see if we could get some people interested. Please check it out if it sounds like something in which you would be interested in participating.

The company I work for, ASI Entertainment, has formed a National Television
Advisory Panel called ViewerVoice. Our Panel members are among the first in
the nation to see television programs that are being considered for broadcast
on television networks and cable channels. I thought you all might like to
join the ViewerVoice Panel, so I asked that this be posted on Crashdown.

ViewerVoice members have a unique opportunity to watch sneak previews of new
television programs and provide direct feedback to the television networks,
cable channels, and television producers. This is one way to make sure your
voice is heard when the networks are making decisions about what goes on or
stays on the air.

· There is never a charge for participating in Panel research activities.

· We will never reveal your personal information to anyone, and you will
never receive unsolicited email (“spam”) or telephone sales calls due to your
ViewerVoice membership.

· Your involvement is always voluntary and you can decline a research
invitation at any time.

· Panel activities take only a few hours per year.

· ViewerVoice interviews comply with the provisions of the 1998 COPPA law to
protect the online privacy and safety of children.

We would like to include your household in the Panel. Since few people are
given the opportunity to preview and evaluate any program, your involvement
is especially important.

To join now, click or cut and paste the link into
your browser. Then click “Join the ViewerVoice Panel” to be taken to a
brief membership questionnaire. The Email code for this questionnaire is
Our web site is being expanded to become a comprehensive resource for
America’s television viewers. When it’s finished, it will include lots of
fun television links, including television listings, network and cable
channel web sites, television trivia, and classic TV links. Come back and
visit often!

To get more information on the ViewerVoice panel, review our “Frequently
Asked Questions” at

Thank you for your interest in ViewerVoice, ASI’s National Television
Advisory Panel. We look forward to including your household in our studies.

If you know of relatives, co-workers or friends who might be interested in
ViewerVoice, please forward this email. We would be pleased to include them
in the Panel.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns, please feel free to email me

Hope to see you all on the panel soon! Thanks for your interest!