Gist: Is The End Near For Roswell?

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Is the End Near for Roswell?

Roswell fans had better stock up on the Tabasco sauce
again. For the third time since its 1999 debut, UPN’s
teen-alien drama is teetering on the verge of
cancellation, according to the New York Daily News.
Starting March 5, UPN will shelve the show for seven
weeks to make room for two comedy series, As If and
The Random Years. The network is also reportedly
cutting back on its episode order for Roswell.

Roswell, which follows the lives of aliens disguised
as cute teens in New Mexico, debuted in 1999 on WB.
The show’s ratings were so shaky at the end of season
one that fans sent thousands of bottles of Tabasco
sauce — the aliens’ favorite condiment — to network
execs to encourage them to pick up the show for
another year. Devotees sent another shipment at the
end of last season, but WB ditched the show and UPN
picked it up.

Can a mass mailing of hot sauce save the series? It’s
going to be a tough fight. So far this season Roswell
has drawn an average of 2.94 million viewers, down
from an average of 4.05 million last season.

— Cheryl Everette – Gist staff