Campaign Update

From the Campaign Crew:

Thanks to all Roswellians who participated in the Valentine postcard campaign to UPN and CBS. The current count for those postcards is well over 2000 and that doesn’t include the #’s not reported at the Roswell 2 board. It’s up to each and every one of us to do our part in support of Roswell and you pulled through.

Thanks to kaye, the Valentine’s Day baskets were delivered to Dawn Tarnofsy-Ostroff at UPN and to Leslie Moonves at CBS on Thursday, February 14. Thanks to all who donated to make this possible.

Each of the baskets was approximately 1 x 2 feet and weighed about 10-15 pounds each. In Les’s basket was a full collection of a men’s fragrance line and perfume for his wife, a pound of Godiva, a large canister of Godiva cocoa, candles, some other goodies, and it was decorated really nicely. In Dawn’s basket was a full collection of Elige (really elegant collection), some shimmering body gel (goes really well for V-Day), a pound of Godiva, a large canister of Godiva cocoa, candles, some other goodies, and silk flowers and greenery.

In the cards, Les’s said “Dear Mr. Moonves, We thank you for your support this year. We wish you and your wife a very happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy, The fans of Roswell,” Dawn’s was “Dear Dawn, The fans of Roswell welcome you to UPN! We’re glad that you’re on the UPN team. We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy, The fans of Roswell,”

For now, we are asking that Roswellians everywhere continue to send postcards to UPN and CBS, and email UPN and its affiliates, in support of Roswell. With Roswell’s hiatus approaching, it is especially important to let these networks know that Roswellians are still here and in full force. Once again, here are the addresses to which postcards should be mailed:

Dawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff
President, Entertainment
United Paramount Network
11800 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO, CBS Television
CBS Television City
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

You should post how many postcards you’re sending on this thread at the Roswell 2 board – the count will be added to the Valentine postcard count:

UPN’s email address:

Check the UPN/Affiliates thread at the Roswell 2 board (link below) for affiliate contact info.

Meanwhile, your help is needed in many other areas of campaigning. So please visit these other campaign threads at the Roswell 2 board:

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And as always, please spread the word about all of this info as much as you can – on AND off of the Internet. Either pass all of this info along to as many other Roswell sites/boards/clubs/groups as you can or print this info out for fans who don’t frequent the Internet.

Please stay tuned to and the Roswell 2 board for campaign updates and info on new campaigns.

Thanks, everyone! Let’s not give up now.