Frakes Shopping A New Home for Roswell

Thanks to FLAtRich for sending this in to us. He just returned from the Star Trek Grand Slam in Pasadena and wrote this up for his eXoNews site

By FLAtRich

Hollywood March 23, 2002 (eXoNews) – Roswell Executive Producer Jonathan Frakes didn’t mind talking about Roswell during his stint at the Grand Slam Star Trek Con in Pasadena. In fact, when some fans shouted out “Roswell!” during the star’s Q&A, his response was: “Yeah! Roswell! What’s with that! Where were you guys?”

Frakes confirmed rumors that Roswell’s producers are shopping for a new home for the beleaguered romantic sci-fi show and mentioned Sci Fi Network as the prime target. In a back in forth with one questioner, he agreed that “more sci-fi and less romance” might have served to help the show as it traveled from the “wanna be” network (WB) to the “unpopular network” (UPN), and reminded the audience that he had brought former Trek heavyweight Ronald Moore in to help out with writing and producing Roswell for just that reason.

He also said yes a Roswell movie was a good idea and indicated that he had suggested it, but didn’t say anything else regarding a move to the big screen for Roswell.

Frakes entertained Trekkers of all ages packed into the Pasadena Convention Center with a winning and energetic romp through STTNG stories. He had nice things to say about William Shatner, flirted with Klingon women in the audience, plugged the new Trek movie Nemesis – (said it would be out for Thanksgiving), and got applause at every mention of his compatriot STTNG Nemesis actors and guest stars Wil Wheaton and Whoopi Goldberg. He confirmed that he was directing the pilot of the new Twilight Zone series planned by CBS this fall and then presented the audience with a theatrical trailer for his latest motion picture directorial tour, Clockstoppers. Clockstoppers star villain Michael Biehn and Producer Gale Hurd joined him on stage and answered questions about the film which opened in theaters this month.

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