Update for L.A. Roswell/FSMA Car Wash

Thanks to evansgirl1 for sending this in:

Hey guys! Time for an update…

Okay, looks like we have a place! Yeah!!!!!!

We have a place that actually seems pretty eager to have us. Of course, there is a slight problem. They have offered us May 11th. I was going for the 4th because it is right before the L.A. party and maybe some other people would be in town for that to come help out. Now, if we go for the 11th, we run the risk of loosing people who will be going to the Philly party.

There are positive things about the 11th though…it will be right before the finale (I’m praying only the season finale…some miracle will happen, right?) So, we can always have a few signs up that say to watch the finale of Roswell. Also, if it is okay with the party planners, maybe they will let it be announced at the May 7th party that we are having the car wash and all the details, so we can maybe get more people involved that way.

So, what I need form all of you, is to send me an e-mail letting me know if you will be able to come out and help us on Saturday May 11th if we have to go with that date. They have not said no to the 4th yet, but they really want the 11th. They will be having a parking lot sale at their store on the 11th and are hoping we can draw in more of a crowd for them, and they can draw in some more people for us.

Anyway, e-mail me at , and let me know. E-mail me too if the 4th would work but not the 11th. I want to compare numbers of helpers we would have at both.

Now, pictures and comments for the banners should still be sent to

Please only send text e-mails with whether you can make it to the hotmail account, that way it won’t fill up and freeze on us again. I am going to put the banners together in the next few days, so get those pics and comments in ASAP!

Thanks soooo much for everyone’s support. It means a lot to us!

Take Care guys, and e-mail me ASAP so I can get back to the place by tomorrow with an answer. And spread the word still.