Roswell writer now showrunner on Angel

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David Simkins, writer of third season episodes “Significant Others,” “Interruptus,” and “Crash,” is taking over for David Greenwalt as the showrunner for WB’s Angel during its fourth season. Here’s the post from Ain’t It Cool News

FREAKYLINKS Showrunner To Oversee ANGEL!!

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David Simkins, whose terrifying resume includes stints as a writer-producer on “Charmed” and as the showrunner of “Freakylinks,” is the new showrunner for “Angel,” the The Hollywood Reporter said Friday.
Simkins, who also served as a writer on the terrible first season of “Dark Angel” and the shaky final season of “Roswell,” will replace “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” vet David Greenwalt, who co-created “Angel” and served as showrunner during the show’s first three seasons.
Greenwalt is leaving the top job at “Angel” to become the highly-paid showrunner on the upcoming midseason ABC drama “Miracles,” which stars Skeet Ulrich as an agent of the Vatican dispatched to investigate paranormal activity. “Miracles” was created by screenwriter Richard Hatem (“The Mothman Prophesies”).