Soap Opera Weekly Review of Finale

Thanks to Michelle for this :)

Soap Opera Weekly (June 18th, 2002)
Primetime Final Fantasies
Wrapping up the 2001-’02 season

ROSWELL- Creator Jason Katims gave fans all they wanted in this fantastic finale. Each moment indued cheers or tears: Max and Michael’s touching reconciliatory hug, Max’s heartfelt marriage proposal to Liz, the many farewells, and the unforgettable, tense graduation ceremony. As Max and Liz bounded down the chapel steps and into the van (sporting a “Thank you for visiting Roswell” bumper sticker) with their now-fugative friends for an uncertain but hopeful future, Liz said “I’m Liz Parker, and I’m happy.” Surely, every viewer felt the same thing.

My only complaint… They gave the season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation a 10.. :(