Various Magazine Sightings Of Roswell Cast

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In the new issue of Teen People Shiri is mentioned twice.
First, on page 108 under Behind The Scenes: Sneak Peek there’s a small
article about Shiri’s upcoming film, Swimfan. There’s a picture of her and
a quote: “I get handcuffed to a chair at the bottom of a pool,” says Shiri.
“[Filming that] was one of the worst days of my life!”
She’s mentioned again on page 163 in this centerfold called Kissing
Constellation. It’s about how Jennifer Aniston is at the center of the
Hollywood lip-locking universe. Shiri is connected on-screen to Jesse
Bradford, who plays her boyfriend in Swimfan.

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I saw an ad for Swimfan in Teen People’s August Issue…if that helps lol! It’s on page 91

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in the new issue of teen people there is a poster of shiri appleby in swimfan and there is a small article of sneak peak on page 108 of swimfan and shiri say that she was handcuffed and throw in the water and that was the worst day of her life.

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p 86 Aug 2002 ‘Twist’ in Beauty Q&A, there is a photo of Katherine Heigl (with short, straight hair) in a black sleeveless dress, to accompany a reader’s question about avoiding white deodorant underarm stains on a black dress (giggle). The caption says “Katherine’s dress is stain-free!”

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In the new issue of Movieline (the one with Beyonce
(of Destiny’s Child) on the cover on a Ducatti
motorcycle), there are pictures from the 4th annual
Movieline Young Hollywood awards. In the collection
of pictures there’s a nice picture of Katherine and
Jason together at a table, as well as a solo picture
of Emile De Raven. Sorry I can’t recall what page it
was on.

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In the Fall 2002 issue of Short Hair magazine, Katherine is on page 14. It has a really cute pic of her with her hair put back w/ a headband and glasses. It says:

School days are here again, so why not start the semester in style with cool confidence and hot hair!

Katherine’s Band-Aid
Hollywood’s full of long-haired blondes—so kudos to Roswell’s Katherine Heigl for taking the road less traveled with her shorter, darker ‘do. For a cute campus look, she sweeps her hair back from the crown with a wide headband.

Then it tells you how to get her look :o)

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i found two pictures in Teen Hairstyles and trends. One is on page 32 of
shiri appleby, on how to fix your hair like hers and one is on page 63 of
Emilie DeRaven of how her hair looks, and how to style yours like hers. Just
thought i would let ya’ll know.