Roswell ‘Crash into me’ book launch wrap up

Thanks to black widow for sending this in :)

Crash Into Me’ Book Launch: An Out-Of-This-World Success!

A big thank you to everyone who attended the launch of Robyn Burnett’s
fantastic Roswell book, “Crash Into Me: The Story of Roswell” last
Saturday at the Sci-Fi Cafe in Toronto! The book launch was a great
success — we had lots of people there and sold dozens of copies. The
launch was attended by posters from all over Toronto, all over Southern
Ontario and even some who made a special trip in from the US! We even
had lurkers from the FanForum boards drop by, and a few people
off-the-street who had never even heard of Roswell come in and hang out,
which was terrific! A huge thanks to all for coming!

Special thanks to the staff at the Sci-Fi Cafe, who really outdid
themselves this time! They were incredibly accomodating the entire
afternoon, and really helped to make the launch a success. Also helping
to make sure things ran smoothly were the good folks at ECW Press —
thank you for coming out and meeting the fans. Another special thanks
must go to Johnneh for bringing along a very cool ‘Roswellian’ carved pumpkin!

Finally, the biggest thanks must go to Robyn herself, for taking the
time to write this brilliant book and chronicle a very special part of
the collective lives of everyone who has called FanForum/Crashdown home
over the past three years. The book is beautifully written with loving
attention to detail, and Robyn has really outdone herself! :-)

There has been a lot of interest from people who could not attend the
launch about the possibility of still receiving a signed copy of the
book. While we can’t promise anything, Robyn and I are currently trying
to accomodate this request by working something out between FanForum and
ECW Press — so stay tuned!

Thanks again to all who attended the book launch … happy reading! :-)