Movie Campaign Website Launched

Thanks to Silver Scooby for this:

A team has been assembled, a website designed, and a forum created. Please visit for information concerning the campaign to turn Roswell from small screen cancellation to big screen success. Answers to your questions have been showcased throughout in the “Actors” and “FAQ” pages, and “News” will soon feature the strategies to make our endeavor victorious.

Select graphics are still in their early stages, and content will be revised in time to come, but as for now, it serves its purpose. We ask that everyone reading this message participates by joining the message board and conversing together your ideas. You can also sign up for the newsletter at the site. We hope to have a campaign marked “Official” by the end of the month. Staff members will take into consideration your responses.

Thank you,
President of Roswell Movie (Jake aka Silver Scooby)