Information on Upcoming Roswell Novels

Thanks to Kevin Ryan, the author of the next two Roswell novels, for sharing this information with us:

“I have written two books that take place immediately after the third season finale. The first one, A NEW BEGINNING, picks up the characters while they are still in the van shortly after they drive off. The second book is NIGHTSCAPE and takes place a couple of weeks later as the characters continue their journey. A NEW BEGINNING will be available in mid-June and NIGHTSCAPE will be available in mid-July. After that there will be two books by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin. The first one will be titled PURSUIT.

“Unfortunately, there are no plans to continue the book series after those four books because of relatively low sales on recent books. However, strong sales of these new books might change that situation.”

Let’s keep this in mind and get those book sales up, folks! Stay tuned for more information as the publication dates approach!