Roswell UPDATE

Thanks to RoswellMouse for sending this in!:

Our next campaign is going to target TV Guide (thanks to Scojoe for the idea). The following poem is by Nana J and it puts into words, much better than I could, how we all feel about this show.

This is the message to put in the message box here:

Put Roswell Rapture as the subject line.

To those in power–have we stressed
A Roswell movie is our quest?
The Roswell Rapture strengthens, grows
And captures fans each place it goes.
It cannnot, will not fade away.
It’s reaching out to you today
casting wide its magic spell.
The Roswell Rapture…
Roswell Rapture…
Roswell Rapture…
Has it got you? Time will tell.
Please, those in power–do your best
To aid our Roswell movie quest.

It only took one touch to change our lives forever. Relive the dream, support Roswell the Movie!

Start emailing now! This may just increase out viewership which could mean a lot since SCI FI took us off the 6PM time slot. The ultimate goal is to tackle more publications. Any one with ideas can share them via , on the Movie thread at Roswell 2, or on the Other Campaigns board at the Movie Forum.

Thanks, staff