Roswell, New Mexico – Nathan Dean Parsons On Max Evans

The CW released a new video. It’s not a teaser trailer, but a clip with some scenes and lead actor Nathan Parsons is talking about his character Max Evans.

Watch it and tune into “Roswell, New Mexico” on Tuesday, January 15 at 9/8c on The CW. The show is available the next day free only on The CW App. You are living outside of the U.S.? Check out this post and be sure to let us know, if you can add anything: When Will “Roswell, New Mexico” Premiere?

LIZ: you gonna arrest me, officer?
MAX: No, too much paperwork.

Nathan: He’s a cop. For him, right and wrong are very important. Rules are very important.

MAX: Sober up a little bit. I’ll get you released the right way.
MICHAEL: But I was looking forward to the self righteous lecture.

Nathan: He’s very devoted to his family. To Isobel and Michael and he has spent his whole life trying to protect them and that all kind of flies out the window when the love of his life, Liz, comes crashing back into town.

MAX: I’m gonna tell Liz the truth.

Nathan: Max is an alien. The three of us have powers. We have abilities that we can’t really explain. So we spend our life trying to hide those and really fly under the radar, so that we’re not exposed as this, oh my God, there’s this alien threat. – We are just people. – Trust us. We come in peace.

ISABEL: You can’t ever be with her. There are too many secrets.

Nathan: How difficult would it be to live in that situation and keep a secret for 20 years?

MAX: You don’t know me like you think you do.