Tres Días – Translation

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“A mariachi band? Max wouldn’t do anything that cheesy”. Yes, he would!

In season two, The End Of The World, Max spent a week learning the lyrics from Mr. Delgado at the hardware store in order to get Liz’ attention. According to the IMDb, the song was performed by Dan Navarro, Carlos Murguia, Joseph Williams and Jason Behr for the show.

Tres Días – English Translation

[I’ve been] three days without seeing you, woman
[I’ve been] three days crying over your love,
[I’ve been] three days watching the sun rise

Max’s solo:
Only three days since I’ve loved you [since I’ve fallen in love with you] And in your eyes I was lost
And it’s been three days that I haven’t heard from you
Where? Where are you?
Who are you cheating on me with?
Where? Where are you? What are you doing?
Three days and I don’t know what it is to eat
Only drinking has been able to consle me
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, your love is going to kill me
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay, what am I going to do if you deny me your love, my [*dear]?

*The actual word used here was ‘alma’ which in spanish, means ‘soul’. In this case, ‘alma mia’ (my soul) would represent something much deeper and stronger than the typical expression, ‘my dear’. It is a very amorous word.