Roswell, NM – #110 I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing Review by Leonard

Written by Leonard

Max puts his hand in the melted silver and pulls Isobel out of the pod. He asks her if she remembers him. Isobel identifies him as Max, thus confirming that she didn’t lose her memories while in the pod. Isobel hugs Max then turns to Liz and asks if she has the antidote. Liz says they’re about to find out and takes the syringe and plunges it Pulp Fiction style into her chest. At Max’s house, he gives Isobel her wedding ring back and tells her to let their Mom smother her at Thanksgiving as the last few weeks have been hard on her. Isobel picks up a newspaper and comments “Are you serious, he’s still president?” Max replies he’s not putting her back in the pod, Isobel asks how it’s even possible. Liz confirms that Isobel is alien again and she’s stable but there could be side effects and anything could still happen. Max thanks Liz and she leaves. Isobel mockingly says to Max “thank you Liz for everything, for you gentle caress, for drowning me in the sweet chocolate depth of your eyes and for your lingering scent of desert rose” Max hits her with a pillow. Isobel says she has forgotten what Max looked like happy. Max goes out to Liz by her car and tells her she doesn’t have to leave. She tells Max she’s forgiven him but Isobel is still the one who killed Rosa. She mentions that the hospital just got a grant for stem cell research and there have been threats. She asks Max when he’ll tell her about the fourth alien. Max says he’ll give her a day to acclimate herself but he still has to catch him. Cameron’s car approaches. Max tells Liz that Kyle told her everything. Liz replies that she discovered that there was a serial killer and a cover up. Liz drives off. Max asks Cameron if she’s off duty. Cameron answers that hunting an alien murderer isn’t official police business. Michael and Alex are seated outside his trailer. Michael offers to erase Alex’s memory if he regrets knowing now. Alex asks if he can do that, Michael replies no but it would be pretty cool. Alex asks if they were found together why Max and Isobel were adopted separately. Michael retorts that he just revealed he was an alien who gestated in a pod for 50 years and he wants to know about his family problems. Alex says he’s known about the alien stuff for months but wants to know about him. Michael says the Evans came to adopt 1 child but got 2 and that maybe he smelled like trouble. He then went into the system and bounced through a couple houses until he got sent back to Roswell at age 11. Michael asks Alex how he knew. Alex says a massive government conspiracy. Cameron shows Max her findings of the 14 fake autopsies. As she’s explaining Max asks if they skipped a step. Cameron asks the part where she gasps and faints because he’s an alien, the part where she hates him for lying to her all these years or the part where she needs to be worried about interplanetary STDs? Max says he can’t apologize for trying to protect his family but he didn’t like lying to her and apologizes for that. Kyle is in his mother’s office talking about his father’s condition. Kyle mentions that his father had a CT Scan on Valentine’s Day 2014 with no abnormalities but by March 1 he has a huge brain tumor. She never questioned the doctor’s findings and says his mind disappeared in a matter of days. Michael and Alex are in his bunker. Alex asks why he’s showing him everything as his family has been targeting him for generations. Michael replies he’s sick of the secrets and if anyone is going to destroy him it might as well be him. Michael pulls off a cover to show a part of the ship. He thinks the part he has is part of the central control panel. Max and Cameron arrive at the Wild Pony. Maria says karaoke night is not until Saturday, Cameron says Max doesn’t sing, Max and Maria smirk at that, Cameron can’t believe it. They ask Maria about her door stamp, which was found on all the victims. Maria says they only stamp people on Ranchero Night, twice a month for free meals and live music. Cameron asks if any one suspicious comes. Maria says addicts and vagrants come but they don’t judge on that night and recommends asking Hank since his band plays every Ranchero Night. Max asks where to find him, Maria says the same place he’s been since his BFF Wyatt got locked up and points to him passed out on the floor. Isobel is at home looking at a mirror putting on makeup. Noah arrives home and is surprised to see her there. Isobel says she missed him and asks to talk. Noah pulls out a gun. He says he freaked out when he saw her in an egg and bought a gun even though he didn’t want a gun. Isobel says she comes in peace. Noah recites back everything that’s happened over the last couple episodes leading up to this. Isobel says she prefers the term pod rather than egg. Noah asks where she comes from. She says they don’t know. He asks if she got into his head and influenced him to love her or choose the sweater he’s wearing. Isobel says she’s never used her powers on him and that she loves him. Noah says he loves her too commenting he can’t believe he’s been literally probed by an alien. Sheriff Valenti tells Kyle that Jim and Manes were friends and didn’t fall out until he was a teenager because Manes had a different code than him. She reveals that Jim cheated on her with a girl half his age. Kyle tells her that it was Rosa and she was his daughter. Sheriff Valenti is relieved saying that was his code – to protect his children at all cost. She pulls out the folder of his father’s drawings and letters that Kyle previously took pictures of and gives it to him. Back in Michael’s bunker he shows Alex that the console pieces connect themselves when the pieces fit. He mentions that he hopes to find the rest of the pieces and attach it to a vehicle. Alex deduces that Michael’s endgame is to leave Earth. Alex leaves to process what he’s just heard. In his car, he pulls out the piece of the ship he found in Jim’s cabin. Back at the Wild Pony, Maria throws a glass of water at Hank’s face to wake him up. Max and Cameron question him about May 5 and the murder victim Carla. Hank says he fought the guy she was talking to that night who “wasn’t white” according to Max. Isobel and Noah are getting ready to go have a picnic. Isobel has a memory of when she meets Rosa. A couple is having a picnic on the stairs of gazebo while Rosa is drawing a flower on one of the pillars as Isobel approaches. Isobel tells Rosa she’s sick of being Isobel Evans, Rosa says she knows the feeling of being told who she is by the town of Roswell. Rosa hands Isobel the Sharpie and draws opposite of Rosa’s drawing the 3 circles symbol. Rosa asks what it is, Isobel says it’s nothing. Isobel snaps out of the flashback and tells Noah that she was friends with Rosa. There’s a group protesting outside the hospital chanting “end abuse now”. Isobel and Noah arrive, Noah saying it’s not picnic weather (there’s snow around them). Isobel tells Noah she wants to be with him completely but she can’t be complete without her memories. Noah asks at what point does scientific progress becomes about man playing God. Isobel uses her powers to have the crowd part so she and Noah can enter the hospital. At the Wild Pony, Maria guesses the cards of someone and takes their money. Alex sits at the bar. Maria hopes he’s day drinking because of boy trouble because Max was there earlier investigating a murder. Alex confirms it is. Maria looks at Alex and deduces it’s “the guy from the museum from when they were kids”. She demands to know who it is, she’s wanted to know for 10 years. Alex says she wouldn’t believe him. Maria responds “it’s not like you’re hooking up with Wyatt Long or Michael Guerin”. Alex gives Maria a look to which Maria responds “please tell me you’re in love with Wyatt Long”. Alex shakes his head no. Maria reaches for her missing necklace. Alex says that Michael’s not so bad after a shower. Maria says she had no idea, Alex says he knows. Maria tells him it meant nothing. Alex says okay. In Liz’s lab, Isobel tells her it felt like she and Rosa were friends and had some deep bond. Liz says it must be a side effect of her antidote – her cells are regenerating, including her brain cells. Liz asks if she remembers anything else. Isobel says no but she needs more antidote. Liz refuses as it could make her stronger. Isobel says she could make her do it but she wants to be on the same team and how much cares about her so to work with her. Liz relents to give her a micro dose. An evacuation alarm goes off. Liz says it’s just another active shooter drill, some parts of the hospital lock down and others evacuate. Gunshots go off. Liz puts the antidote back in the drawer. A shot goes through the window and hits Noah in the arm. At Project Shepherd, Alex finds Kyle there. Kyle explains his father’s drawings and wonders why his mother gave them to him and why Manes wanted them so badly. Alex pulls out the piece of the UFO and notes that some of the symbols matched Jim’s drawings. He theorizes if it’s a Mathematical cipher. Kyle says he wasn’t a cryptographer, he was a simple man. So Alex theorizes maybe he sent a coded message. Alex asks Kyle for a keyword only he and Jim would know to crack the code. Kyle says to try “Magoo”. The computer deciphers a short message of “Hi Magoo I Love You”. The computer proceeds to try to decipher the rest of the drawings. Max and Cameron arrive at the hospital being evacuated. Max asks Sherriff Valenti if the suspect is at large and if there are victims. Valenti answers they’re following protocol and waiting on word for SWAT, Max runs off into the building. Liz, Isobel and Noah are still hiding in her lab. Someone pounds at the door and tries to open it. A few seconds goes by. Isobel then suddenly gets up and opens the door for Max. Max leads them out then runs back into the hospital. One of the protestors is revealed to be the gunman. He enters Liz’s lab and begins wrecking it then setting it on fire. Max follows a trail of blood to a stairwell. Outside, Noah tells Isobel he knows she’s freaking out about Max and that he is too. She replies she’s freaking out about him. Noah asks if Liz got any more of the antidote or if she remembers anything else. Isobel says she doesn’t think she got a big enough dose. Liz tells a paramedic she doesn’t need to be treated and it’s not her blood on her. Liz goes up to Cameron and asks if Max is still inside the hospital. Cameron says he’s not responding to the radio or logic. Liz says he always has to be the hero. Cameron replies that’s new. Liz see smoke coming out from her research wing of the hospital. Cameron stops her from trying to go back into the hospital. Liz walks away, muttering to herself in Spanish. As she passes Isobel, it triggers another memory – Rosa is muttering to herself in Spanish on the roof of the Crashdown the night she died. Isobel asks Rosa if she’s having a bad day. Rosa is rambling that it doesn’t matter what she does she’ll always be remembered for being the bad Ortecho if she even is one. Isobel hugs her to calm her down. The next flashback we see is Isobel and Rosa at the Crashdown on prom night when she apologized for pretending not to know her. It’s followed finally by the flashback when she finds Rosa and her car tagged “go back to Mexico!”. Noah asks Isobel if she’s ok, she says she will be once she knows Max is safe. Michael runs in, hugs Isobel and asks where Max is. Max enters the boiler room and finds the gunman in a corner. The gunman says he doesn’t remember anything, that one minute he was outside with the protestors and now he‘s here with a gun. He drops the gun. Max asks if he blacked out shooting up the hospital. The gunman responds he wouldn’t do this as he doesn’t like guns and can’t even own one. He then has a seizure. Max tells Cameron the gunman is being taken to county by the sheriff. Cameron identifies the gunman as her barista at Bean Me Up who draws UFOs on the foam. Max mentions he doesn’t remember anything either. Cameron tells him he shouldn’t have gone in without backup. Max goes off to find Liz. Isobel is drinking in Michael’s trailer and tells him about the Rosa flashes. Michael comments “welcome to the party, it’s a real bi-sexual alien blast around here”. Isobel says she needs to know more and asks if she knows him as well as she thinks she does. Michael uses his powers to open a drawer with a vial of the antidote saying he took it yesterday. Michael says Liz isn’t so bad but he doesn’t trust anyone so if she has alien poison he’ll have the antidote. Isobel tries to drink it, but Michael takes it from her after only a sip, saying it’s all he has left. Isobel says she’ll go home to Noah. Michael says he missed her. Isobel says she’d say that too but time didn’t pass to her so it’s like she blinked and now it’s cold and his hair is worse. Kyle and his mom hug. The sheriff says she’s relieved Kyle wasn’t at work; Kyle says he and a friend were trying to decipher Jim’s letters. He asks if “Caulfield” means anything. Valenti says it was a prison a hundred miles north where his grandfather started but it’s been shut down for decades. Michael enters the bar and returns the necklace to Maria. He says he fixed the clasp and asks for free booze. Maria says Alex is one of her best friends and wouldn’t have slept with him if she knew they had history so it can’t happen again and kicks him out. Liz comes into her damaged lab and surveys the damage. Max comes in and hugs her. Max tells Liz her lab was the only part of the hospital that burned so it was targeted. Liz says the damage will set her back months if they can even start up again. Max says the shooter was Connor Smith, a pacifist who blacked out and had a seizure. Liz says Connor used to work at the Crashdown before he left for Bean Me Up and that he’s epileptic. Liz looks and says the antidote and serum are all gone. Liz says it was like Wyatt at Grant’s warehouse. She theorizes the fourth alien can enter people’s minds when they blackout and tell them to murder someone. She says Isobel’s blackouts started after a childhood trauma, so all 3 murderers had a pre-existing condition that cause blackouts, so maybe there’s only 1 mind influencer causing the murders. Isobel is looking in the mirror getting ready for bed. She has another flashback, this time to the cave where she kills Rosa. Rosa is looking for her backpack and asks if Isobel took it because she doesn’t want her to go but she has to. Isobel says she took care of it, she doesn’t have to go, to come with her and she’ll show she’ll never let anything hurt her. Rosa tells her she doesn’t like her like that and to leave her alone. Isobel says this isn’t her body and she can be anything she wants to be. Rosa says she’s higher than she is. Isobel responds that she’s not Isobel, that she wants someone strong who will protect her and not leave her, and she could be that man. Isobel confesses she killed Kate and Jasmine. Rosa asks Isobel to show her. Isobel grabs Rosa by the arm and says she’s lying to her. Rosa tries to run, Isobel catches her, and we see how Isobel actually killed Rosa. Isobel says she feels what she feels, Rosa hates her and doesn’t want to be with her. Isobel says she did it for her, everything was for her. We then see what we previously saw in flashback – Michael comes in and says “what did you do?”, Isobel saying she couldn’t be trusted then collapsing as Max arrives.

Another solid episode this week. When the show focuses just on the Rosa murder mystery and the circumstances surrounding it, that’s when I find the most enjoyment in the show. Trying to fit together the puzzle pieces of the previously seen Rosa flashbacks with Isobel remembering them one by one was the nice touch. Other than the “he’s still president” line and response, I didn’t find anything I didn’t like to see. The show is gaining momentum as we approach the final stretch.