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Loveline Co-Host Joins Roswell

Melinda found this article about Diane Farr, who plays Maria’s mother, Amy – Thanks Melinda!

From: SciFi IGN
Tell me your problems, little aliens.

Diane Farr takes on a recurring role as Sheriff Valenti’s love interest.

October 26, 1999

Loveline co-host Diane Farr is making the transition from helping teens with sex-related problems to co-starring alongside teens with alien-related problems.

The female counterpart to Loveline’s Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla has left the popular MTV show for a recurring role on the WB’s teen-angst-and-aliens cocktail, Roswell. According to Ultimate TV, Farr will play the mother of one of Roswell High’s students, and the love interest of the shady local sheriff. Personally, we think Sheriff Valenti (played by William Sadler) is way too creepy for Farr’s bubbly ways, though maybe she’ll show us a darker side on Roswell.

More importantly, though, we think any sub-plots involving the adult characters are bound to be a little dull as no one watching the show really cares about the grown-ups. Mom and Dad Evans? We barely know what they look like. Suspicious Sheriff? Yeah, whatever. Sensitive Guidance Counselor? Booooooring! Unless Farr is planning on starting her own, supernatural-themed Loveline within the show, we think they should just keep giving us more of the kids — especially that sassy alien Isabel.


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