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TV 2000 Roswell – from “16” Magazine

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TV 2000 Roswell – Get to Know the Cast Behind This Teen Alien Nation

From “16 Magazine” Feb 2000,

Max, portrayed ever so soulfully and vulnerable by Behr, has been secretly infaturated with Liz since childhood, but always remained a a distance. Liz was forever changed in the instant Max brought her back to life and the intimacy between the two of them is both frightening and thrilling. However, in saving Liz�s life, Max not only exposed himself, but also Isabel and Michael, to the risk of their identities being discovered. The extraterrestrial trio must learn to trust Liz and her flightly best friend Maria De Luca (Majandra Delfine), in order to stay one step ahead of the local authorities, including Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler), who is driven by a personal need to expose the truth. Max also must deal with his competition, Kyle Valenti (Nick Wechsler), Liz’s steady boyfriend and the sheriff’s son. Alex Whitman (Colin Hanks) is also a threat because of his close friendship with Liz, who has kept him out of the secret.

Nick Wechsler & Majandra Delfino Talk About the Show

“My character, Kyle is great to play,” sayd Roswell cast member Nick Wechsler. “I can kind of relat to him and the stuff that happens to him.” Wechsler says the whole cast enjoys one another. However, he feels William Sadler, who plays his father on the show, is the easiest to get along with. “I really admrie his acting ability. He is always in control and I try to live up to him.” Wechsler says he is never quite satisfied with his own performances and always strive to do better. Is it any wonder one of his favorite TV show is X-Files?

The young actor, who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, says Hollywood has taught him not to be too trusting. “I have to be careful that someone is not just out for a piece of me, or has some hidden agenda,” comments Nick. But he was most influenced by a former girlfriend. “She taught me what life is really about, how to be fair, and how to be a better person.”

The 21-year-old has no current girlfriend because he is so busy with Roswell. He can’t remember too many funny moments on the set, but his co-star Majandra Delfino, who plays Maria De Luca, has notrouble recalling one. “There was this hilarious scene when Michael throws Kyle, but he threw him so hard, Kyle went over the couch,” recited Delfino. “All the cast was standing there laughing, but Nick just kept on acting until they called, cut.”

Majandra has lots of fun with the show and her charactyer. “Maria has many colors, and I like that. She’s light and doesn’t take things too seriously.” This is somewhat Delfino’s philosophy, too. “I don’t fall for all the star stuff. It’s not as glamorous as it seems.” She claims she would be happy just painting, writing songs, and playing the piano and guitar.

Majandra doesn’t have a current steady but is content living in LA with her mom and stepdad, sister, poodle Gertrude and Pekinese, Tattoo. Her favorite TV show is “Charmed” and her fave movie is “Last Unicorn.” Her best advice to teens, “Be happy with being you.”


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