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Single Minded – Brendan mention

Thanks to Bennie for sending this in!

Single Minded
Lisa Hepfner

Hamilton Spectator
Hamilton, Ontario
Page D11

[…] under the deadlines of a daily newspaper and in consideration of the population disparity between the U.S. and Canada [the Spectator] presents the Top 10 Most Eligible Canadian Bachelors. Highly subjective and compiled by a reporter who thinks she must represent the majority.

[…] Several Canadians deserve honourable mention, including Josh Jackson (Dawson’s Creek) […]

[#2 on the list is] Brendan Fehr, 22: The Roswell star is from Winnipeg, and now that he’s stuck in L.A. he misses watching Hockey Night in Canada. Fehr got his first acting job two years ago (Breaker High), but he’s making the American lists already (Teen People’s 25 Under 25).

In Roswell, he plays a sullen alien named Michael, and he relates to the character, in some respects. He says he likes things to be in black and white, spends ! a lot of time alone, and doesn’t talk or smile much.

“The best-looking girls can turn out to be very ugly if you’ve got a terrible personality. And a lot of times someone you didn’t find the most attractive turns out to be very beautiful once you get to know them. So personality, sense of humour, religion and moral are probably the most important.”

Note: Hayden Christensen is listed at #9.