Wanda’s Spoilers from Jan 3, 2000

These are from E-Online. I know these have gone around but I wanted to post them for anyone who may have missed them.

January 3, 2000

From astima: What’s up on Roswell?
We get some answers. Sheriff Valenti goes to visit his father and we get some info. But when Max uses his powers to help save his mom from danger, there are also a lot more questions surrounding the alien trio.

From kiki: Is it true Liz goes back to Kyle on Roswell?
It’s true they sort of rekindle their friendship, but that’s it. She goes to him in friendship now that she knows what it feels like to be dumped.

From c_johnson: Wanda, does Max get jealous over Liz and Kyle’s “friendship”?
Yeah, Max misses her, too. There’s a funny scene where Michael tries to show Max how not to think about Liz.

From c_johnson: Wanda…please…anything on Michael and Maria? I love them so much together on Roswell!
Michael actually humbles himself and goes to thank Maria for helping to save his life. (By the way, we’re working on a chat with one of these celebs–stay tuned for info…)

From thisbe527: I heard somewhere that another alien hater comes to Roswell, and he causes more problems than the guidance counselor and Valenti–is this true?