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Jason Behr in J-14

Thanks to MyrnaLynne for this:

J-14 Magazine, Feb 2001, p. 47

“TV Boys: How They Found Fame”

Our favorite alien: Jason Behr

He plays: Alien Max Evans on WB’s Roswell.

More reason to watch: For both sci-fi and Jason fans, the remainder of the
season promised to deliver both action and romance.

Starting small: This Minnesota native started doing theater at the age of
five, then commercials (Cloralit gum) before landing on a TV show.

A face you can’t ignore: You probably caught sight of this cutie long before
Roswell came calling. Guest appearances on the WB’s 7th Heaven, Dawson’s
Creek and Buffy made him a familiar face that we wanted to see more of.
Guess the WB knew they found a star in Jason!

What drives us out of this world: Jason mysterious star quality. He was,
after all, voted “Most Destined for Fame” his senior year in high school.