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Jason Behr: Katherine Heigl Did Melt My Hearth

27 years old Jason Behr`s career is one epoch of glory. Talented and good looking young man charms in Hollywood. Jason has also been seen in series like “Dawson`s Creek” and “Buffy”. At this interview Jason tells about his relationship to his mother, girls and dogs.

What did you do at summer ?

Jason: I did spend time at the Los Angeles and we did do a long car travelling trip with my friends and family. We did visit Mount Rushmore and Badland, which has a towel of devil. We did travel through Colorado and Las Vegas. I did spent independence day at the Minneapolis. That`s it. I did have a long lovely break and now I try to go back to work.

Have you born and grow up in Minneapolis ?

Jason: Actually yes. When I was a young boy I did travel alot whit my family.
We did settle at Minneapolis when I was ten years old.

Tell your Hollywood- story to us. How did you end up to Los Angeles?

Jason: I was at the theather in my home city. I did also do some commercials. At the Minneapolis I did have a one agent for all of my works. Then I did meet a manager which was on golf and fishing holidays at my home city. My local friend did arrage a meeting between us and this man told to me: ” When ever you are at Los Angeles, call me”. I did work very hard and saved money. Half year later I did move to Los Angeles.

Your Roswell- fans would like to know more about you and especially about your interest in sports. Do you like sports? Do you play anything?

Jason: Yes. I do play Basketball. I also have tried to play some golf. But most of the time I do play basketball.

Why do you like to play basketball?

Jason: I have always played it. At Minneapolis we did not have a own team at NBA so I did support Chicago Bulls. After I moved to Los Angeles I have also supported Lakers

Who is your favorite player?

Jason: Michael Jordan. I do respect his attitude at games and in his private life. I have been followed his career from South- Carolina. He is a really magnificent player. He is one of the bests. He is a good role model.

Michael Jordan may be the best player. But he has also some weaknesses. What are your weaknesses?

Jason: My ankles. Just kidding. My biggest weaknesses probably is sweets. I try to keep out of the but….

Year 2008 Olympic Games are held in China. Which variety would you like to win a medal?

Jason: At swimming

What is your advice to people who would like to keep in good condition?

Jason: Stop drinking coffee and stop smoking – those are my weaknesses as well. Go to gym every another day and eat healthy. We are what we eat: if you eat fat your body does store it.

How often do you use computers. Do you surf at the internet?

Jason: I don`t know lot about the computers. I don`t even have a computer. I did just get a fax machine to myself. I do know a lot of people who is dependent to computers. They spend all of their time using computers. If I try something I usually do it with 100 %. Earlier I liked to play video games but nowdays I don`t even touch them. That is probably te reason I don`t use computers. I probably would sit a week by it.

Are you still a single?

Jason: Probably I should not answer in this question.

If I would ask nice…

Jason: Only girl in my life at the moment is my dog Joplin. She is a dalmatian. She is five and half years old and she does still act like puppy. Dalmatians usually do.

How did you get a role of Max Evans at Roswell:

Jason: I did read the script of “Roswell” when I was filming “Dawson`s Creek” at North- Carolina. I did have lot of fun with cast and filming group there. “Roswell” did interest me at once. It was a serie which I wanted to be in.

Which did interest you most: Aliens or romances ?

Jason: Everything. The scripts did have both seriousness and irony. The relationships between people had been described honestly. Good story and lot of different elements: It is hard to say no to that kind of script. I think Teen aliens and looking for yourself does interest us all.

Who is your favorite at “Roswell” ?

Jason: Everyone are great. Everyone has their own special skills. OK. My favorite is Katherine Heigl. She did melt my hearth. Kathy is a great actress.

Who of “Roswell” cast is closet to you?

Jason: We are a group of different kind of persons. We have lot of fun together and I can not put someone at the top of others.

What do you think, when you are in front of camera? do you forgot about acting and enter into moment?

Jason: Camera does show everything. You have to enter into moment at scenes but most times when I read the scripts I do got suprised about the scenes. Cast does have different techniques which they can use to get their feelings to the surface. But enter into moment at scenes is the best way.

How far do you know what is going to happen at “Roswell”?

Jason: We do get know some little parts about what is going to happen at the future but most of the time when I do read the script I do suprise about some scenes. That is good because then you can enter into moment of some scenes better. If I did know what does happen in the serie about couple of next episodes I probably would accitendly tell something what is going to happen to the viewers with my attitude.

What is the crasiest thing that you fans have done to you?

Jason: All the people has been really nice to us and nothnig crazy has not ever happened. Our fans does respect us and they do not behave senseless.

Do they recognice you at streets?

Jason: I have not been out so much, but sometimes some fan has recogniced me and asked me to come and talk to them. I don`t have bad memories about that kind of situtations.

Who is your role model?

Jason: My mother. She has always supported me. She haven`t force me to do anything that I don`t like. She has always said: “What ever you want to do Jason, if that makes you happy do it. I do trust in you.”

Where you would like to travel?

Jason: To Europe. I would like to see Italy, Greece, England, France, Irealand and Scotland. I are interested in their culture and I have heared that they have good food in Europe. I have been out of United States only once when we did do a school trip to Cancun, Mexico

Maybe they could to a that kind of script for “Roswell” where FBI agents does chase you all over Europe.

Jason: That would not be a bad idea at all.

Have you never been in love of any movie star?

Jason: When I was young I was in love to Audrey Hepburn. She is classical, elegant, grand…

What do you do at your freetime:

Jason: I enjoy being with my family. I watch movies. I have not had time to go movies so I have lot to see. I play basketball as much I have time to. Of course I watch games at TV too.

How old were you went you started to act?

Jason: I was five years old and I did appear at christmas play at the local TV channel at Minneapolis. One of the actors did look just like Abraham Lincoln. I did know that he was one of our president`s but I did not know that he was dead. I was wondering much myself that how did they get Lincoln to act in our play!

Did you wanted to be a actor then?

Jason: Yes. After the filming we all did go to eat to hamburgerrestaurng and I did think that this just is life. At the school years I was at schools plays and I did do commercials but after the high school I first time think that this could be a serious work to me.

What do you think about Los Angeles?

Jason: I love Los Angeles. There is much to learn there. You can do what ever you like over there. One morning you can go to surf, other you can go to mountains and slalom. You can go to walk or fishing or you can spend your time aroun clubs round the clock.

What do you think about Minneapolis?

Jason: I go there as much I have time to go at least a couple of times in year. It is a really nice city. I would like to own a house from there.

Have you ever visited the real Roswell, New Mexico?

Jason: No but we have been planning to do a trip to there. Like a own school trip.


Jason: Yes that would be cool. Unfortunately there is so much going on that I don`t know have we ever got a time to do it. I think there are lot of small UFO centers out there.

Do you have any contacts to people living in Roswell?

Jason: I have got some really nice letters from there.

Do you believe in aliens?

Jason: I don`t know. The scientists says that it is impossible that we live at only planet which has live on it and when I look up to sky I do feel myself a really little. But I don`t know can anyone believe in something that he or she has never seen. It could be too weird to believe in things that you have never experienced. Probably someday we get visitors fron outher space and then people will believe. Until that everything is only speculations.

Do you do practical jokes at filmings?

Jason: Sometimes but not usually

Have you ever got to be a victim of jokes?

Jason: There is always someting going on at filming but I can`t remember any senseless thing right now.

Do we see you in any movies soon?

Jason: I read scripts all the time but I have not founded anything that would suit me yet.