Roswell Heads for CliffHanger (spoilers+show’s fate)

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Roswell Heads For Cliffhanger


Roswell, The WB’s hit teen alien television
series, is headed into a season-ending
cliffhanger with some new characters,
executive producer Jason Katims told SCI FI
Wire. “There is one new character we’re
introducing this season: Tess, a new girl in
town [played by newcomer Emilie De Raven],
who comes in and upsets the apple cart for
various reasons,” Katims said in an interview.

Katims said the new character will debut in an
episode in mid-March. “She comes in, and one
of the [male] characters in our show … is sort
of drawn to her, despite himself,” he said. “And
it kind of … creates some problems.”

Katims added that the three alien leads, Max,
Isabel and Michael, will eventually find the
person they’ve been seeking. “By the end of
the season, they’ll discover the fourth alien
they’ve been searching for all this time. The
cliffhanger at the end of the season is how
certain people of the group become divided
because of the presence of the fourth alien,
and it splits them up. … Once this begins to
happen, the stakes become extremely high, and
there’s a lot of danger and a definitely potential
for people to die.”

A cliffhanger of a different sort is creating
anxiety for Katims and his crew: whether The
WB will renew the freshman show for a second
year. “We haven’t heard,” he said. “My
understanding is, we’ll probably not know
officially until May, when they announce their
season.” But, he added, “We’re hopeful, but you
never know for sure. The WB has been real
supportive of the show, beginning first of all
with buying the show when it was originally
developed for Fox, then giving it a really strong
launch and really being behind it. … And they
haven’t changed that. …We’re just going to
work really hard and make the final episodes of
the season great and make it impossible for
them not to pick it up.”


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