Wanda’s spoilers 02/07/00

Thanks to Dana for sending these in!

joeypotterdc asks: any info on Roswell?
Wanda replies: You guys are very up to date. You know that the fourth alien
will show itself this week as a shape-shifting force that is very much aware of Isabel, Max, and Michael. You know about the sexual healing ep. What you don’t know, you can ask Majandra next week.

imaczech asks: Any news on a potential Isabel and Alex
relationship on “Roswell”?
Wanda replies: Well, they’ll be forced together when Liz discovers some visions of her own stemming from Max’s kiss and her strong feelings for him. In an ep called Sexual Healing, all the couples try and get a little closer so they can make sense of all the visions.

roadtripper asks: So, on Roswell, do Max and Liz kiss again SOON?
Wanda replies: That’s what I hear.


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