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Dark Horizons: “Final Destination” Date Changed?? – Spoiler ahead

Final Destination: There’s now talk that with the recent Alaskan airlines tragedy, New Line Cinema may delay the release of their thriller “Final Destination” from March 17th to a “late-summer berth”. Besides the obvious parallel between the real-life crash and the plane crash that is a vital element to the film, there’s apparently also a problem with the MPAA in regards to the highly graphic nature of two death scenes which include

(SPOILERS AHEAD…5…4…3…2…1)

“a very realistic hanging/suicide and the other where a character is gruesomely bled to death by knives dropping off a falling pot rack”. Youch, sounds kind of gory. In any case the Winona Ryder supernatural thriller “Lost Souls” which was delayed from Fall 1999 to Fall 2000, is the hot tip to replace FD in the March release slot if it is delayed. NL head honchos Robert Shaye and Mike DeLuca are meeting this week to discuss a possible delay and the official announcement should be out by Friday (personally I hope they keep it in March).

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Mandy Note: I saw Scream 3 last nite and they had the trailer for this film playing. Let’s just say it is definitely a horror-esque film