Campaign Mention in Philadelphia Inquirer

Thanks to Brad, and Doreeen for sending this in!

Article is mostly about Sabrina move, but includes this:

Gail Shister
Philadelphia Inquirer
6 April 2000
Switching sides.

[…] Speaking of the WB, fans are coming up with creative ways to rally for two
series on the bubble – Keri Russell’s Felicity and the sci-fi Roswell.

WB boss Jamie Kellner has received mounds of audio tapes urging him not to
cancel Felicity. At the end of every episode, Felicity exchanges thoughts by
tape with an ex-teacher (voiced by Janeane Garafolo.) As for Roswell, the WB
has logged more than 3,000 bottles of Tabasco sauce, a favorite foodstuff
among the show’s aliens. (Hot move.)


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