‘Roswell’ gets Howie, but how about a second season?

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‘Roswell’ gets Howie, but how about a second season?
By Darcel Rockett

[…] “Everyone wants to know about the Backstreet Boy,” said Nick Wechsler, who plays Kyle Valenti. “He only says, like, one thing. I think that’s funny that the WB is gonna use that to promote the show.”

Most of the cast seemed optimistic and hopeful about a second season, though Colin Hanks, Katherine Heigl and Wechsler wouldn’t go on record about their future as alien enthusiasts.

“I’m pretty sure we’re coming back,” said Emilie de Ravin. […]

Hanks and Heigl also praised show fans on their hot sauce campaign. For weeks, fans have been mailing bottles of Tabasco to the WB, saying that the show is too “hot” to cancel.

“We worked really hard for the past nine months,” Hanks said, “and the fact that people out there that I don’t know, that I don’t tell to watch the show every week, are really putting that much effort, time, money and commitment into it, that’s something that doesn’t happen that often.

“It’s a blessing.” […]

Colin went on to talk about his own efforts to save Freaks and Geeks!


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