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Cinescape – Jonathan Frakes – May 3, 2000

Frakes: ‘Star Patrol’, ‘Roswell’
Jonathan Frakes is talking up his science fiction comedy pilot for the Fox network, Star Patrol! as well as the current status of Roswell.

While talking to columnists Marilyn Beck, Stacy Jenel Smith and Stephanie DuBois, Frakes revealed, “It’s a spoof of Star Trek . . . like a Galaxy Quest, and Charlie Rocket from Saturday Night Live plays the lead. I just finished directing the pilot for Fox, and we have to deliver it a week from today.”

Regarding what’s up with Roswell, Frakes says, “I’m very optimistic. It seems to be holding its own on Monday nights, better than anything else that’s been there — and the last four shows are just fabulous.”