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Other Frakes Projects

While talking to Star Trek: The Magazine about Star Trek X, Jonathan Frakes also spoke of a number of his other projects. Here’s what he had to say about some of them:


“Clockstoppers is Paramount and Nickelodeon. It’s a very ironic recipe; Gale Hurd of Terminator and Aliens fame, Julia Pistor of Rugrats, and myself from the Enterprise are doing this movie, which is Back to the Future meets Ferris Bueller and War Games. It’s family, action, sci-fi, written by these wonderful new writers that I’ve met named Dave Stem and Dave Weiss. It’ll mostly be locations, and a few sets. We’re in pre-production now, and shooting starts on January 8th. We’re just finalizing the script and we’re starting casting on Thursday, and it’s so exciting to be doing something that’s not Star Trek.”

The film tells the time travel story of the son of a famous inventor. Frakes explains, “He figures out through an invention that his father had worked on that gets into his hands how to speed himself up so fast that all things around him seem to slow down; he goes into what’s called hyper time.”

Clockstoppers is scheduled to hit screens in summer 2001.

Steve Was Here

“It looks like Steve Was Here will be the first thing that I can do after the strike is over. I don’t think there’s going to be one – I’m very optimistic about that – but I’m in the minority. It’ll be at Columbia, and Dean Devlin, the Independence Day guy, is the producer on that.”

Star Patrol TV pilot

Frakes reveals that the pilot for this potential sci-fi spoof TV series was not picked up, adding, “I was disappointed. I wasn’t surprised, because you could feel things going down as we were shooting; we were very excited about it and then you could feel the studio lose interest in it. So it wasn’t a huge shock to any of us, but it was still so sad. That was a great idea looking to happen: a sort of Galaxy Quest in a half-hour format.”


“I’ve been taken out of the directing of the episodes because of Clockstoppers, but I see the scripts and I see the cuts, and I give notes at the beginning and the end of each episode. But I wish I had some more time to direct. I liked being part of watching these kids, because they get better every week. I miss that.”

Frakes continues as one of the program’s executive producers.


Frakes On ‘Star Trek X’

Is Jonathan Frakes truly out of the running for the directing gig on Star Trek X? Not if he has a choice.

While talking to Star Trek: The Magazine (via Voyager’s Delights), Frakes dispelled rumors that he wasn’t available to helm the tenth Trek film, saying, “I never said that! I sure hope that’s not true.”

When asked how he might feel about being asked to helm the film, Frakes answers, “Thrilled! Thrilled and proud.”

Regarding what the next film, Frakes has his own opinions on what is needed. He says, “For Star Trek X and the first Star Trek of the millennium, we need to go balls out. As much fun as the smaller, romantic Insurrection was, I think we need to do a huge, action-adventure movie.”